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A multidimensional approach to Human Factors training

The Human Factor (HF) has been identified as one of the critical areas to address in order to reduce accidents and incidents. This has led to an increase in HF training developed by airlines, manufacturers and training organizations, as an integrated part of standard technical training, rather than through the provision of separate HF courses. In this context, AITRAM aims to contribute to the improvement of the learning process for aeronautic maintenance technicians and provide higher efficiency maintenance and HF training in aviation, by addressing training from several angles, as follows:

  • Procedure assessment considering HF;
  • Trainee assessment and self-training;
  • Address human factors in training in a task-oriented environment: increasing awareness of the maintenance technician in relation to hand-over problems, time pressure problems, slips in routine tasks, lack of communication, procedure violation, misdiagnosis, lack of checks, supervision;
  • Improved planning of tasks;
  • Task training in a virtual environment.

Improving the learning process

The learning process will be improved by:
  • reducing the time, cost, risk of training;
  • improving the features to deliver complex contents to trainees;
  • more learning by doing and learning from mistakes;
  • improving the means to provide a more general understanding of the technical system as well as relationships and interdependencies;
  • provision of means to raise awareness of HF issues as well as experiencing them personally.

Virtual Reality training in aviation

AITRAM aims to tackle the need for increased HF training by developing an integrated training concept, based on a user needs assessment and elaborating a Virtual Reality-based training system. The work focuses on the following four main components:
  • Design of an integrated training concept;
  • Modelling and simulation of HF and environmental conditions;
  • Development of integrated Virtual Reality-based training applications;
  • Authoring of training scenarios to demonstrate and evaluate the AITRAM training concept.

Last updated 5 February 2015