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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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General Information - Part I

Part I of the Calendar contains details about general information, important dates, staff, and publications

2017 – 18 Calendar Part I

(complete pdf to follow soon)

Trinity College Dublin and the Irish Language

A - Almanack

B - Officers and Fellows

C - The Board

D - The University Council

E - Officers of Trinity College Dublin (and related appointments)

F - Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Clinical and other Officers

G - Research Institutes and Centres

H - College Administrative, Executive and Other Officers

I - Committees

J - Representation of the University in Seanad Éireann

K - Benefactors of Trinity College Dublin

L - Trinity College Dublin: A short history

M - Buildings of Trinity College Dublin

N - The College Chapel

O - The Library of Trinity College Dublin

P - Degrees and Diplomas

Q - Student Services

R - Museums and other institutions

S - Students' Unions, Societies and Clubs

T - Alumni and other Societies

U - Special and public lectures and courses

V - Scholars of Trinity College Dublin

W - Records

X, Y - Recent publications (by members of staff and research students working under their supervision)

Printed Copies

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