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Latest Discoveries & Publications

Diacylglycerol Congratulations to the Membrane Structural & Functional Biology Group on the publication of their article in Nature Communications "Ternary structure reveals mechanism of a membrane diacylglycerol kinase” Nature Communications. 17th December 2015. Diacylglycerol kinase is a small, integral membrane enzyme that catalyses a complex reaction involving substrates with widely contrasting solubilities. Its lipid substrate is hydrophobic and resides in the membrane while its co-substrate, ATP, is entirely water soluble. How this diminutive nanomachine, less than 10 nanometers tall, brings these two disparate substrates together at the membrane interface for reaction is revealed here in a molecularly detailed crystal structure. As the smallest known kinase, most of its bulk is devoted to creating substrate binding sites. This new structure, solved with the aid of free-electron laser X-rays, contributes to explaining 50 years of work on a paradigmatic enzyme. (PDF 4.21 MB)

Ken Mok Non-Disease Proteins Kill Brain Cells. Congratulations to TBSI's Ken Mok (Associate Professor in Biochemistry) and Gavin Davey (Associate Professor in Neuroscience) who along with several young researchers including Níal Harte and Igor Klyubin, collaborated with Professor of Neuropharmacology, Michael J Rowan, Professor in Chemistry, Principal Investigator in CRANN and Dean of Research, John Boland to complete the research . Dr Kenneth Hun Mok (pictured here) led the study that was published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (pdf) on Friday 20 November 2015.

Nature Chemistry Congratulations to TBSI Chemists on their recent publication "Monitoring one-electron photo-oxidation of guanine in DNA crystals using ultrafast infrared spectroscopy" Nature Chemistry 2015, 7, 961

Rachel McLoughlin Immunologist Rachel McLoughlin (TBSI) and her colleagues have unearthed a key piece of the MRSA vaccine puzzle. Trinity Communications Office's press release

dna Congratulations to Fergus E. Poynton, Páraic M. Keane, Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson & John M. Kelly for their article just published in Nature Chemistry Monitoring one-electron photo-oxidation of guanine in DNA crystals using ultrafast infrared spectroscopy. James P. Hall, Fergus E. Poynton, Páraic M. Keane, Sarah P. Gurung, John A. Brazier, David J. Cardin, Graeme Winter, Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson, Igor V. Sazanovich, Michael Towrie, Christine J. Cardin, John M. Kelly & Susan J. Quinn doi:10.1038/nchem.2369 Trinity Communications Office's press release

Colm Cunningham The research group of Wellcome Trust Research Professor, Colm Cunningham (pictured): Publication: Journal of Neuroscience: Dark Stars in Inflammation: Astrocytes in the Neurodegenerating Brain Trinity Communications Office's press release

Macrophage Researchers at TBSI and the University of Pennsylvania have uncovered an important link between our body clock and the immune system that will have relevance to the treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases.  Congratulations to Senior Research Fellow in the School of Biochemistry and Immunology , TBSI, Dr Annie Curtis, who is a lead author of the paper, (and also other members of Luke O’Neill’s lab (Luke is joint senior author), Caio Fagundes, Eva Palsson-McDermott ,Paulina Wochal , Anne McGettrick, and Jamie Early) Read what Trinity Communications Office say. Press Release PDF (Macrophage image courtesy of Moritz Haneklaus)

Thorri Thorri Gunnlaugsson, pictured here, is in the news again with the discovery of a versatile new gel. Read what the Irish Times says.

Chemistry News Led by TBSI's Thorri Gunnlaugsson, the collaborative team has established how to quickly and cheaply create self-healing, luminescent gels, which will have a variety of uses in fields spanning science, medicine and electronics.

Luke O'Neill's Lab A drug to halt many diseases! Press Release TBSI's Luke O’Neill described the discovery as one of the most exciting of his career. “I have been in the research business for 30 years and you usually end in failure, but this time we seem to have hit upon something truly transformative” Irish Examiner RTE News

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News & Events

Kingston Mills Congratulations to TBSI's Kingston Mills and Luke O'Neill who have been awarded €2.5million to work on biomarkers and drug targets for autoimmune and other immune-mediated diseases. Professor Mills (pictured) will lead the project. This funding has been provided by SFI and international biopharmaceutical company, AbbVie.

Discover Research Dublin 25th September 2015: Discover Research Dublin, hosted by TBSI was a huge success, list of events press release

post doc day Post Doc Day 2015. Congratulations to Prize Winners: Dr. Conor Finlay, Dr. Gareth Brady, (centre) pictured here with Committee members, Dr. Michael Carty and Dr. Mark Robinson, also in photograph is Academic Director TBSI, Prof Orla Hardiman and Prof Frank Barry, Scientific Director of Remedi.

2015 TBSI Postdoctoral Research Day was held on Wednesday the 24th of June in the TBSI Building. Thirty six abstracts were received spanning the breadth of research endeavour within TBSI. This included abstracts from postdocs in the School of Medicine, the School of Chemistry, the School of Biochemistry and Immunology, and the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering. More photographs of the event in our Gallery

naphthalimides Congratulations to the Gunnlaugsson group who’s article ‘Synthesis, crystal structure and EPR spectroscopic analysis of novel copper complexes formed from N-pyridyl-4-nitro-1,8-naphthalimide ligands’ Dalton Trans., 2014,43, 6468-6479, DOI: 10.1039/C3DT53323A) was one of the top 20 most accessed Dalton Transactions articles from the 1900+ articles published in 2014.

bone image Congratulations to TBSI’s Danny Kelly and Mark Ahearne (Bioengineering) on being awarded ERC grants worth €3.5 million. The ERC forms part of the EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020.

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