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Welcome to the Department of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology strives to enhance the vision of its benefactor Grania Guinness of an academic institute committed to exploration of the interactions between microbial pathogens and their animal hosts and to advancement of knowledge likely to impact positively on the development of vaccines, diagnostic tools and novel preventive and therapeutic treatments to combat and control infectious and communicable diseases affecting mankind and domestic animals worldwide.



CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN MICROBIOLOGY - 2 Positions Currently Available Click Here

YEAST IS YEAST? NOT SO WHEN IT COMES TO BEER FLAVOURS: Microbiologist Dr Ursula Bond at Trinity College Dublin says different strains of yeast contribute to the different kinds of beer. Read Irish Times article here. 25/9/14

SEMINAR PROGRAMME: Click here for Programme for 2014.

FOUR MICOBIOLOGISTS WIN HARRY SMITH VACATION STUDENTSHIPS: Four microbiologists from Trinity College Dublin have won Harry Smith Vacation Studentships to support undergraduate research projects in their labs - Read More

VERSATILITY IN GENETIC EXPRESSION AIDS RAPID MICROBIAL EVOLUTION: Microbiologists from Trinity College Dublin have discovered that an identical protein is used differently by two species of bacteria to help them cope with distinct types of environmental stress. - Read More

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