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Graeme Murdock
Associate Professor, History

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

'The Dancing Calvinists of Montauban: testing the boundaries of a Reformed community in the 1590s in France' in, editor(s)Karen Spierling, Erik de Boer, Ward Holder , Emancipating Calvin: Culture and Confessional Identity in Francophone Reformed Communities. Essays in Honor of Raymond A. Mentzer, Jr., Leiden, Brill, 2018, pp44 - 59, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2018

Hungary, Mark A. Lamport, Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation, 1, Rowan and Littlefield, 2017, pp351 - 353, [Graeme Murdock] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2017

Transylvania, Mark A Lamport, Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation, 2, Rowan and Littlefield, 2017, pp768 - 770, [Graeme Murdock] Item in dictionary or encyclopaedia, etc, 2017

'Do good fences make good neighbours? Living with heretics in early modern Savoy' in, editor(s)Katsumi Fukasawa, Benjamin J. Kaplan, and Pierre-Yves Beuarepaire , Religious Interactions in Europe and the Mediterranean World. Coexistence and Dialogue from the Twelfth to the Twentieth Centuries, London, Routledge, 2017, pp67 - 78, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2017

Bibles in Central and Eastern European Vernaculars to c. 1750 in, editor(s)Euan Cameron , New Cambridge History of the Bible vol. 3, c. 1450- c. 1750, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2016, pp345 - 357, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2016

'Geographies of the Protestant Reformation' in, editor(s)Ulinka Rublack , The Oxford Handbook of the Protestant Reformations, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016, pp105 - 123, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2016

Howard Louthan, Graeme Murdock (eds), A Companion to the Reformation in Central Europe, Leiden, Brill, 2015, 484pp Book, 2015

'Intolerance and Tolerance' in, editor(s)Howard Louthan, Graeme Murdock , A Companion to the Reformation in Central Europe, Leiden, Brill, 2015, [Laura Lisy-Wagner, Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2015

'Introduction' in, editor(s)Howard Louthan, Graeme Murdock , A Companion to the Reformation in Central Europe', Leiden, Brill, 2015, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2015

Afterword in, editor(s)Antonin Kalous , The Transformation of Confessional Cultures in a Central European City: Olomouc, 1400-1750, Rome, Viella, 2015, pp165-172 , [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2015

'Reformed Orthodoxy in East-Central Europe' in, editor(s)Herman Selderhuis , A Companion to Reformed Orthodoxy, Leiden, Brill, 2013, pp293 - 322, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2013

Graeme Murdock, Penny Roberts, Andrew Spicer (eds),, Ritual and Violence: Natalie Zemon Davis and Early Modern France. Past and Present Supplement 7., Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012, 1-303pp Book, 2012

'Afterword' in, editor(s)Graeme Murdock, Penny Roberts and Andrew Spicer , Ritual and Violence: Natalie Zemon Davis and Early Modern France. Past and Present Supplement 7 (2012), Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012, pp275 - 286, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2012

Margaret King (gen. ed.), 'John Calvin' in Oxford Bibliographies Online. Renaissance and Reformation, 2011, - Bibliography, filmography, etc., 2011 URL

'The Elders' Gaze: Women and Consistorial Discipline in Late Sixteenth-Century France in, editor(s)Amy Nelson Burnett , John Calvin, Myth and Reality. Impact and Images of Geneva's Reformer, Eugene [OR], Wipf and Stock, 2011, pp69 - 90, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2011

'Calvinism' in Margaret King (gen. ed.), Oxford Bibliographies Online. Renaissance and Reformation, 2011, - Bibliography, filmography, etc., 2011 URL

'Multiconfessionalism in Transylvania' in, editor(s)Thomas Max Safley , A Companion to Multiconfessionalism in the Early Modern World, Leiden, Brill, 2011, pp393 - 416, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2011

'Transylvanian Tolerance? Religious Accommodation on the Frontier of Christian Europe' in, editor(s)Marguerite Ragnow, William D. Phillips, Jr. , Religious Conflict and Accommodation in the Early Modern World, Minneapolis, Center for Early Modern History, 2011, pp101 - 126, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2011

'Excommunication and Moral Discipline in Hungarian Reformed Communities' in, editor(s)Raymond Mentzer, Francoise Moreil, Philippe Chareyre , Dire l'interdit: The Vocabulary of Censure and Exclusion in the Early Modern Reformed Tradition, Leiden, Brill, 2010, pp201 - 217, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2010

'The practice of prayer in Reformed Hungary' in, editor(s)Abraham Kovacs , Calvinism on the Peripheries: Religion and Civil Society in Europe, Budapest, L'Harmattan, 2009, pp201 - 217, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2009

'A magyar reformatus egyhaztortenet-iras' in, editor(s)G. Fazakas, D. Csorba, B. Barath , Egyhaz es kegyesseg a kora ujkorban. Kutatastorteneti tanulmanyok, Debrecen, Harsanyi Andras Alapitvany, 2009, pp59 - 82, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2009

Graeme Murdock, 'Responses to Habsburg Persecution of Protestant in Seventeenth-Century Hungary, Austrian History Yearbook, 40, 2009, p37 - 52 Journal Article, 2009

Graeme Murdock, The Hungarian Reformation. Books from the National Széchényi Library, Hungary, 2009, - Miscellaneous, 2009 URL

'Un espace-carrefour: l'Europe centrale' in, editor(s)Wolfgang Kaiser , L'Europe en conflits. Les affrontements religieux et la genese de l'Europe moderne vers 1500- vers 1600, Rennes, Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2008, pp221 - 238, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2008

''They are laughing at us': Hungarian travellers and early modern European identity' in, editor(s)Wendy Bracewell, Alex Drace-Francis , Under Eastern Eyes. Studies in East European Travel Writing on Europe, 1550-2000, Budapest, CEU, 2008, pp121 - 146, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2008

Graeme Murdock, Principatul Transilvaniei in Epoca Confesionala [The Transylvanian principality in the Confessional Era], Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, 53, (1-2), 2008, p59 - 75 Journal Article, 2008

'Godsdienstvrijheid als politieke oplossing. Tolerantie in het zestiende-eeuwse Transsylvanië' in, editor(s)Stephan van Erp , Vrijheid in verdeeldheid. Geschiedenis en actualiteit van religieuze tolerantie, Nijmegen, Valkhof, 2008, pp45-60 , [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2008

'Central and Eastern Europe' in, editor(s)Alec Ryrie , Palgrave guide to the Reformation, Basingstoke, Palgrave, 2006, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2006

Graeme Murdock, 'Calvin, clothing and the body in Reformed Geneva', Proceedings of the Huguenot Society, 28, 2006 Journal Article, 2006

'Moderation under duress? Calvinist Irenicism in early seventeenth-century Royal Hungary' in, editor(s)Luc Racaut, Alec Ryrie , Between Coercion and Persuasion: moderation in the European Reformation, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2005, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2005

'The use and abuse of Reformed churches: Creating space for Reformed worship in seventeenth-century Hungary' in, editor(s)Andrew Spicer, Sarah Hamilton , Defining the holy: Sacred Space in late medieval and early modern Europe, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2005, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2005

'The Boundaries of Reformed Irenicism: Hungary and Transylvania' in, editor(s)Howard Louthan, Randall Zachman , From Conciliarism to Confessional Church, 1400-1618, South Bend, Notre Dame Press, 2004, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2004

'Did Calvinists had a guilt complex? Reformed religion, conscience, and regulation in early modern Europe' in, editor(s)Kate Cooper and Jeremy Gregory , Studies in Church History 40. Retribution, Repentance and Reconciliation, Woodbridge, Boydell and Brewer, 2004, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2004

Graeme Murdock, Beyond Calvin. The Intellectual, Political and Cultural World of Europe's Reformed Churches, c. 1540-1620 , Basingstoke, Palgrave, 2004 Book, 2004

'Dress, nudity and Calvinist culture in sixteenth-century France' in, editor(s)Catherine Richardson , Clothing Culture, Aldershot, Ashgate, 2004, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2004

Graeme Murdock, ''Freely elected in fear': Princely elections and political power in early seventeenth-century Transylvania', Journal of Early Modern History, 7, 2003 Journal Article, 2003

Graeme Murdock, Maria Crăciun, Ovidiu Ghitta (eds), Confessional Identity in East-Central Europe, (Aldershot: Scolar, 2002) , Aldershot, Scholar, 2002 Book, 2002

Graeme Murdock, 'Dressed to Repress?: Protestant clergy dress and the regulation of morality in early modern Europe', Fashion Theory. The Journal of Dress, Body and Culture , 4, 2000 Journal Article, 2000

'Magyar Judah: Constructing a new Canaan in eastern Europe' in, editor(s)Robert Swanson , Studies in Church History 36. The Holy Land, Holy Lands and Christian History, Woodbridge, Boydell and Brewer, 2000, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2000

'The Reformation in Eastern Europe' in, Andrew Pettegree , The Reformation World, London, Routledge, 2000, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2000

'Beyond the Pale: International Calvinist attacks against Transylvanian Unitarianism' in, editor(s)Mihály Balázs, Gizella Keserü , György Enyedi and Central European Unitarianism in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries , Budapest, Balassi, 2000, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2000

Graeme Murdock, Calvinism on the Frontier. International Calvinism and the Reformed church of Hungary and Transylvania, c. 1600-1660, Oxford, Clarendon, 2000 Book, 2000

'Death, Prophecy and Judgement in Transylvania' in, editor(s)Bruce Gordon, Peter Marshall , The Place of the Dead in European Society, 1400-1700, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2000, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 2000

'Inter-confessional relations in seventeenth-century Transylvania' in, editor(s)Hubert Laszkiewicz , Churches and confessions in East Central Europe in early modern times, Lublin, Instytut Europy, 1999, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 1999

Graeme Murdock, 'The Importance of Being Josiah: An Image of Calvinist Identity', Sixteenth Century Journal, 29, 1998 Journal Article, 1998

'Foreign Calvinist students' contact with Presbyterians and Puritans in England: The Experience of Péter Körmendi' in, Mihály Balázs et al. , Müvelödési törekvések a korai újkorban. Tanulmányok Keserü Bálint tiszteletére, Szeged, JATE/ RMIT, 1998, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 1998

'Church-building and Discipline in early seventeenth-century Hungary and Transylvania' in, Karin Maag (ed.) , The Reformation in Eastern and Central Europe, Aldershot, Scolar, 1997, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 1997

'International Calvinism, Ethnic Allegiance and the Reformed Church of Transylvania in the early seventeenth century' in, editor(s)Maria Crăciun, Ovidiu Ghitta , Ethnicity and Religion in Central and Eastern Europe, Cluj, Cluj University Press, 1995, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 1995

'Relations between the Hungarian Reformed and Romanian Orthodox churches in early seventeenth-century Transylvania' in, editor(s)Ambrus Miskolczy , Europe. Balcanica-Danubiana-Carpathica, Budapest, ELTE, 1995, pp216 - 223, [Graeme Murdock] Book Chapter, 1995

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Graeme Murdock, 'Calvinists and Lutherans: Contesting the European Reformation', Studies. An Irish Quarterly Review , 106, 2017, pp431 - 439 Conference Paper, 2017

Shane Mawe, Dr Graeme Murdock, Dr Mark Sweetnam, 'Power and Belief: The Reformation at 500', Online , Google Arts & Culture, 2017, - Exhibition, 2017 URL

Research Expertise


Cultural history of religion; History of European Reformation; History of France, c. 1550-1700; History of gender; History of Hungary and Transylvania; Religious tolerance and intolerance