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Senior Sophister

1. Languages

Students continue to focus predominantly on their major language, and also study their minor language.

2. Disciplines

2.i Modernity and Society: Ideas and Culture in Europe since 1850


2.ii Options

Students must take either one List A option or two List B options.

Current options include:

List A

  • The Vikings c. 790-1100
  • The Archaeology of Medieval Warfare 1000-1300
  • Europe Reformed 1540 – 1600
  • The French Revolution, 1789 – 1799
  • Weimar Germany: Politics, Culture and Society

List B

  • French Cinema: Perspectives
  • La Belle Époque et le Surréalisme
  • Language and Society in the French-speaking world: status, diversity and function
  • Kulturwissenschaft
  • Kunst nach Auschwitz
  • Künstliche Menschen in der Literatur
  • Napoleon’s Empire: War Culture and Society in France and Europe, 1799-1815
  • The Crusades, c.1095-1204
  • Romance before Romanticism: Life, Love and Death in Ancien Régime and Revolutionary France
  • Renaissance Florence, c.1348-1527
  • Society and the Sacred in France, 1685-1815
  • Medieval Globetrotters: Exploration and World Conquest in the Age of the Black Death
  • Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe
  • Italian Society, Contexts, Texts and Cultural Configurations: Italian Science Fiction
  • Holocaust Representation in Film and Literature
  • Islam and Gender
  • Democracy and Development
  • Stalinism and Society in Eastern Europe
  • Economic Sociology of Europe
  • The Myths of Time: Spain 1930-1945