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Academic Progress (student cases, appeals)

From time to time, difficulties may occur which affect a student’s ability to continue with his/her studies or to sit examinations and, as a result, can disrupt a student’s normal academic progression. Such difficulties may include illness, bereavement and other personal circumstances. Alternatively, students may wish to interrupt their studies in Trinity College for academic reasons, such as, spending time abroad to improve their competency in a foreign language. In all such situations, it is essential that the student discusses the issue, and possible options, with his/her Tutor. Where it is deemed appropriate, the Tutor will write to the Senior Lecturer to seek permission for a particular course of action in relation to that student. Examples of this are permitting the student’s name to come off-books for a specified period of time or permitting the deferral of examinations. Requests such as these are commonly referred to in College as ‘student cases’.

The links on the side-banner provide information on the most common types of student cases and available options.

Should your request not fall under categories on the side banner please use this appropriate form providing as much information as possible.


Last updated 7 November 2016