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S2S is best known for the mentors who assist with orientation and social activities in the first undergraduate year of College, but we also offer trained Peer Supporters if you want to talk confidentially to another student or just meet a friendly face for a coffee and a chat. Peer Supporters are fellow undergraduate and postgraduate students who are trained to the same level as the SU and GSU Welfare Officers, and are available for any student in the College.


Peer Supporters are there to assist with everything from giving you the space to talk about things, to helping you access resources and services in the College. We're not counsellors and we're really relaxed and informal; meetings normally involve going for a cup of coffee or taking a quick stroll around campus or a local park. We don't offer criticism or advice, we just listen openly to what you have to say and give you space to think through available options, so that you can make informed decisions about what you'd like to do or where you'd like to go next. Sometimes you won't be looking for options, and you just need to know someone has heard and understood what you have to say; that's waht we do best. If you can remember a time when you started trying to talk to a firend or family member about something that was going on for you and they leapt right in with what they hoped was helpful advice and cut you off... we're the opposite of that!

Student2Student is supported by the Student Counselling Service and the Senior Tutors’ office.


You can email us directly at to request a meet-up with a Peer Supporter, complete our online form to request a peer supporter ( or phone us directly. There is now also a Peer Support drop-in every Wednesday during term time from 11am-2pm where two fully trained S2S Peer Supporters will be available to any students seeking information or support. This service is entirely confidential and will take place in the Lower Exec Room in House 6. If you would like to talk to another student about anything you can pop in and talk to a Peer Supporter informally and in confidence.


The Peer Support Drop-in runs every Wednesday from 11am-2pm. Our office is open from 10am-6pm Monday-Friday and you will normally receive responses to queries within 1 working day.

Connect with us at:

Phone: 01 896 2438





Last updated 29 January 2014 (Email).