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All Postgraduates at TCD are automatically members of the Graduate Students’ Union upon registration. The GSU is run by two full-time sabbatical officers, as well as an executive committee and class/school representatives.

The President is responsible for implementing the Union's strategic plan and liaises with College and external bodies, including Government, in relation to policy. S/he is an ex officio member of the College Board and the Research, Graduate Studies, and the Library and Information Policy Committees, among others. The current President is Ryan Kenny.

The Vice-President is responsible for the academic and welfare policies of the Union, and is responsible for liaising and cooperating with College officers and services in the provision of a quality postgraduate student experience and academic and welfare policy. The Vice-President also undertakes direct student casework, and advises and represents students on any number of personal or academic issues that may arise. The Vice-President is ex officio a member of University Council, and other committees including the Graduate Studies, Student Services, and Honorary Degrees Advisory Committees. The office is currently held by Sarah Smith.



The Graduate Students Union, is the only representative body for all postgraduates in Trinity College, Dublin. Established in 1973 it remains the only formal union of its kind in Ireland or the United Kingdom. Its aims are to represent and defend the interests of the postgraduate students of Trinity College both within College and externally; to provide supports and services to the postgraduate community in particular pastoral and academic advocacy supports, and a Graduate Common Room; and to maintain a sense of community and collegiality among the postgraduates of Trinity College, through the provision of large and small recreational and social activities.



The GSU offices are located in House 6 on the 2nd floor and are open during regular business hours. It is best to email or call in advance to ensure that someone is in the office when you stop in.



Feel free to contact the GSU at any time. Our offices are open during normal business hours Monday-Friday, but can also be reached by email or phone.


Connect with us at:

Phone: (01) 896-1169 (President) or (01) 896-1006 (Vice-President/Welfare)


Email: President:, Vice-President:



Last updated 30 January 2014 (Email).