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Undergraduate Studies Committee

The Undergraduate Studies Committee (USC) is an academic committee of the University Council. It is chaired by the Senior Lecturer/Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and may join with other committees, as appropriate, to advise on wider matters of academic practice and policy.

The Undergraduate Studies Committee shall meet on at least six occasions per academic year.  Papers will be circulated three working days in advance.  The quorum for the meeting will be one-third of the membership, plus one.


  • Senior Lecturer/Dean of Undergraduate Studies (Chair)
  • Academic Secretary (or nominee)
  • Directors of Teaching and Learning (Undergraduate)
  • The Associate Dean of Undergraduate Common Architecture
  • The Associate Dean of Undergraduate Science Education
  • The Academic Director of Tangent
  • Dean of Students
  • Senior Tutor
  • Education Officer, Students' Union
  • Student representative
  • Library representative (in attendance)
  • Secretary (in attendance)

Attendance shall be extended to allow for expertise or sharing of information on specific agenda items, in particular, to include representation from Academic Affairs, Academic Practice and eLearning, Student Services and Trinity Access 21. 

Substitution of members is not allowed.

Terms of Reference

The main functions of the Undergraduate Studies Committee are

  1. to initiate discussion, to advise and make recommendations to Council on matters of academic policy and practice relating to admissions and undergraduate education,
  2. to advise and make recommendations on matters referred to it by other committees,
  3. to advise the Senior Lecturer/Dean of Undergraduate Studies in her/his role  on such matters as the admission, progression and examination of undergraduate students,
  4. to assess proposals for new undergraduate courses, significant changes to existing undergraduate courses and regulations, and proposals to discontinue existing undergraduate courses,
  5. to monitor and review quality assurance and improvement measures in respect of undergraduate programmes,
  6. to consider and advise on the Bologna process (ECTS, learning outcomes, modularisation, duration of undergraduate programmes, transfer and progression) and to make recommendations to Council,
  7. to consider on an annual basis proposed changes to the University Calendar in respect of undergraduate education and to make recommendations to Council.

Revised 13th September 2012

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