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Message from Director


Welcome to the Centre for Global Health webpage. We are a multidisciplinary team of individuals who share the common goal of strengthening health systems to ensure that every individual has access to quality healthcare. This goal is reflected in all of our teaching and research activities.

Our teaching aims to broaden and deepen the knowledge base and skills of individuals who are currently working or aspire to work in managerial and planning positions in public health systems, NGOs, governments, donor and international health agencies. Our approach to teaching is to create an environment that facilitates interactive learning and sharing of experiences, providing quality teaching inputs with a focus on analysing and addressing the problems faced by many developing country health systems.

Our systems approach to research brings a variety of disciplinary perspectives, adding richness and depth to our analysis of the complex problems faced by many developing country health systems. In all of our research activity we endeavour to find practical and innovative solutions to locally identified problems. To help us achieve this we form partnerships with government ministries, donors, NGOs and other universities.

The combination of an informed and committed advisory board coupled with a group of staff with a diverse range of knowledge and expertise working on the common goal of strengthening health systems is key to our contribution. If you are interested in the work of the Centre, please contact us.

Dr Frédérique Vallières

Centre Director