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Dr. Felicity Daly
Assistant Professor, Public Health & Primary Care

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Daly, Felicity, O"Riordan, Jacqui, Intersecting vulnerabilities and compounded risks of women asylum seekers working in care during COVID-19 in Ireland, International Journal of Care and Caring, 2024, p1-18 Journal Article, 2024 DOI

Felicity Daly, Jacqui O'Riordan, Unintended Consequences: Divisions of Care within Ireland's Response to Ukrainian Refugees and Impacts on Asylum seekers, Peace Human Rights Governance, Volume 7, (Issue 1), 2023, p23 - 44 Journal Article, 2023

O"Riordan, Jacqui, Daly, Felicity, Loughnane, Cliona, Kelleher, Carol, Edwards, Claire, CareVisions: Enacting the Feminist Ethics of Care in Empirical Research, Ethics and Social Welfare, 17, (2), 2023, p109-124 Journal Article, 2023 DOI

Felicity Daly, Phil R Crehan, Micah Grzywnowicz, The LGBTI Inclusion Index: An Innovative Tool to Incentivize Human Rights and Development Data, Journal of Human Rights Practice, 14, (2), 2022, p600--621 Journal Article, 2022 DOI

Felicity Daly, Claire Edwards, Tracing State Accountability for COVID-19: Representing Care within Ireland"s Response to the Pandemic, Social Policy and Society, 2022, p1--13 Journal Article, 2022 DOI

Felicity Daly, Developing evidence for LGBT+ inclusive policy in Africa: A literature review, London, UK, Pretoria University Law Press, January, 2022 Report, 2022

A global examination of LGBT workplace equality indices in, editor(s)Eddy S. Ng, Christina L. Stamper, Alain Klarsfeld, and Yu J. Han , Handbook on Diversity and Inclusion Indices, Cheltenham, UK, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, 2021, pp230 - 251, [Philip Crehan, Felicity Daly, Luke Fletcher, and Shaun Pichler] Book Chapter, 2021 DOI

Protecting the Rights of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People in Development in, editor(s)Paula Gerber , Worldwide Perspectives on Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals [3 volumes], London, UK, Bloomsbury Academic, 2021, [Felicity Daly] Book Chapter, 2021

Felicity Daly, Neil Spicer, Samantha Willan, Sexual rights but not the right to health? Lesbian and bisexual women in South Africa"s National Strategic Plans on HIV and STIs, Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 24, (47), 2016, p185 - 194 Journal Article, 2016 DOI

Leonardo Arregoces, Felicity Daly, Catherine Pitt, Justine Hsu, Melisa Martinez-Alvarez, Giulia Greco, Anne Mills, Peter Berman, Josephine Borghi, Countdown to 2015: changes in official development assistance to reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health, and assessment of progress between 2003 and 2012, The Lancet Global Health, 3, (7), 2015, pe410--e421 Journal Article, 2015 DOI

Felicity Daly, The introduction of new antiretroviral-based HIV prevention methods into health systems: an update, Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 20, (39), 2012, p215--215 Journal Article, 2012 DOI

Felicity Daly, The introduction of new antiretroviral-based HIV prevention methods into health systems: key issues, Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters, 19, (38), 2011, p208--212 Journal Article, 2011 DOI