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This is a shortlist of our most frequently asked questions.

What is a Capital Project?

A capital project is defined as being any undertaking which requires the use of notable amounts of capital, both financial and labour, to undertake and complete. Within Trinity, a project is classified as capital if total expenditure on the project exceeds €50,000 including VAT.

A capital project helps maintain or improve a College asset, often called infrastructure. It can be a new build, acquisition of land or property, lease of property, the refurbishment of an existing building or the purchase of a new piece of equipment. It can be new Information Technology software / equipment purchase, development, enhancement or replacement, or an Organisational Change Management program.

Project costs can include the cost of Information Technology, Professional Services, Software purchase/ Development / Licensing, Internal & External Resource costs, Architectural planning, Engineering and contract services needed to complete the project.

I wish to secure funding for a Capital Project. Can the PMO/CRG provide me with funding?

No. The PMO/CRG does not provide funding. It is advised that you speak to your Finance Partner and recommended that all projects have identified their source of funding in advance of presenting at CRG.

I have an approved Capital Project with funding secured to deliver it. Do I need to involve PMO?

Yes. Depending on the project size, the PMO will assist you in getting the project started but will not manage or deliver the project. If you contact the PMO, we can discuss your requirements and advise you on the processes and templates to be used along with the governance and reporting structure to adhere to.

Do the PMO provide a project manager to manage and deliver a Capital Project?

No. The PMO will not provide a project manager. The project sponsor is responsible for selecting a project manager.

Can the PMO manage or deliver a Capital Project?

No. The PMO do not manage budgets or deliver capital projects. The PMO act in purely an advisory and governing capacity.

Is there a framework or a project life-cycle to follow when delivering a project from pre-approval to closeout?

Yes. The Capital Project Governance Lifecycle will provide you with stage-by-stage deliverables to meet. The process takes you through a “7-Stage” lifecycle from Approval to Closeout, each stage separated by “Gates”. For a high level view of this please see Standard Governance Processes section on the website or refer to the PMO Handbook.

I have a capital project that I wish to get approval to deliver. Where do I start?

We recommend contacting the PMO in the first instance. We will be able to guide you on the next steps and who will be best placed to support you.

I have a research project that I wish to get approval for. Where do I start?

PMO is not involved with or have oversight of any Research projects. You should discuss your project with your line manager/Head of School/Dean to seek advice.

I’ve completed a Business Case for a Capital Project I wish to get approval for. What’s next?

We recommend contacting the PMO who will ensure your business case is completed to a satisfactory level. The Project Sponsor presents the Business Case to CRG via the PMO. The approval authority (CRG, EOG, and Board) is dependent on the size of the project. We recommend that you review the PMO Handbook on the steps involved for approval and prioritisation stage.

I am a project manager/sponsor; I have an issue with my project. Can the PMO assist me?

Yes. We advise that you contact us as soon as the issue arises and we will discuss the issue with you and help you reach a solution.