• First-degree incest in early Ireland – ancient genomes uncover a dynastic elite in Irish passage tomb societies

    June 2020

    Archaeologists and geneticists, led by those from Trinity, have shed new light on the earliest periods of Ireland’s human history.

    Among their incredible findings is the discovery that the genome of an adult male buried in the heart of the Newgrange passage tomb points to first-degree incest, implying he was among a ruling social elite akin to the similarly inbred Inca god-kings and Egyptian pharaohs.

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  • Scientists make major breakthrough in understanding common eye disease

    August 2019

    Scientists at Trinity have announced a major breakthrough with important implications for sufferers of a common eye disease – dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – which can cause total blindness in sufferers, and for which there are currently no approved therapies.

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  • Robotics engineers unveil ‘Stevie II’ – Ireland’s first socially assistive AI robot

    May 2019

    Robotics engineers from Trinity College Dublin today unveiled ‘Stevie II’ – Ireland’s first socially assistive robot with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features – at a special demonstration at Science Gallery Dublin.

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  • Dead languages, banned books and a silent disco — Trinity week to focus on the theme of ‘Silence’

    April 2019

    Censorship in Ireland, the sounds of dead languages and a first-hand account of locked in syndrome are among the diverse range of topics to be explored during ‘Trinity Week’ — a series of free public events taking place in Trinity College Dublin between Monday April 29 and Friday May 3.


  • Zoologists find two new bird species in Indonesia

    April 2019

    Zoologists from Trinity, working with partners from Halu Oleo University (UHO) and Operation Wallacea, have discovered two beautiful new bird species in the Wakatobi Archipelago of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Their work sheds more light on the complex evolutionary puzzle of how new species emerge.

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  • Dublin Apocalypse manuscript, one of the great medieval treasures of Trinity Library, now available online

    February, 2019

    Trinity College Dublin celebrated the digitisation of the Dublin Apocalypse, one of great medieval treasures of the Library, with a symposium at which international scholars reflected on this remarkable manuscript and its arresting vision of the end of days.


  • Hidden history of Trinity’s Museum Building uncovered

    December 2018

    The Making Victorian Dublin research project led by researchers from the Department of Geology and the Department of History of Art and Architecture has uncovered the hidden history of Trinity’s iconic Museum Building. The completion of the project was marked by an interactive website featuring a 3-D digital scan of the building and highlights of research findings on the architecture, materials and sculptures of the building.

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  • School of English breathes new life into ‘Frankenstein’ at Halloween

    October 2018

    Trinity College Dublin joined 700 institutions worldwide in the ‘Frankenweek’ initiative to mark the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, one of literature’s most enduring gothic tales. Events included a marathon public reading of the iconic novel, a college-wide giveaway of 200 copies of the book and a public lecture by Professor Darryl Jones.


  • US bestselling author shares his thoughts on memoir and memory at Trinity public event

    October, 2018

    American journalist and author of the bestseller ‘Marley & Me’ John Grogan gave a public talk and interview in Trinity College Dublin in October 2018 as part of his public engagement programme while on a visiting fellowship at the School of English.


  • Public discussion to mark 10th anniversary of banking crisis

    September 2018

    Ten years on from the Irish banking crisis, Trinity Long Room Hub hosted a ‘Behind the Headlines’ public discussion series to explore whether enough has changed in the Irish financial, business and cultural sectors. The event featured speakers drawn from the world of politics, banking, journalism as well as historians and literary experts.