• Trinity College Dublin elects first female Provost

    April 2021

    After an election process, Professor Linda Doyle, Professor of Engeineering and the Arts, was selected to become the first female Provost in Trinity College Dublin's 429-year history.

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  • Trinity academic provides Babylonian translations for Marvel Studios’ ‘Eternals’

    November 2021

    Translations into the long-dead language were provided for the Marvel Studios’ Eternals blockbuster film by Assyriologist Dr Martin Worthington.

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  • Trinity commissions four female busts for Long Room

    November 2020

    The four new busts will represent scientist Rosalind Franklin, folklorist, dramatist and theatre-founder Lady Augusta Gregory, mathematician Ada Lovelace and writer and pioneering women's rights advocate Mary Wollstonecraft. These subjects have been chosen from a list of more than 500 suggestions.

    There are currently 40 marble busts - all of men - in the Long Room. This is the first time in over a century that the university has commissioned new sculptures for this area.

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  • The explosive secret hidden beneath seemingly trustworthy volcanoes

    July 2020

    An international team of volcanologists working on remote islands in the Galápagos Archipelago has found that volcanoes which reliably produce small basaltic lava eruptions hide chemically diverse magmas in their underground plumbing systems – including some with the potential to generate explosive activity.

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  • Astrophysicists investigate a cosmic mystery – the disappearance of a massive star

    June 2o2o

    A team of astronomers led by Professor Jose Groh’s group from Trinity is sleuthing for answers to a cosmic mystery having discovered the disappearance of an unstable massive star in a distant galaxy.

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  • First-degree incest in early Ireland – ancient genomes uncover a dynastic elite in Irish passage tomb societies

    June 2020

    Archaeologists and geneticists, led by those from Trinity, have shed new light on the earliest periods of Ireland’s human history.

    Among their incredible findings is the discovery that the genome of an adult male buried in the heart of the Newgrange passage tomb points to first-degree incest, implying he was among a ruling social elite akin to the similarly inbred Inca god-kings and Egyptian pharaohs.

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  • Scientists make major breakthrough in understanding common eye disease

    August 2019

    Scientists at Trinity have announced a major breakthrough with important implications for sufferers of a common eye disease – dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – which can cause total blindness in sufferers, and for which there are currently no approved therapies.

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  • Robotics engineers unveil ‘Stevie II’ – Ireland’s first socially assistive AI robot

    May 2019

    Robotics engineers from Trinity College Dublin today unveiled ‘Stevie II’ – Ireland’s first socially assistive robot with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features – at a special demonstration at Science Gallery Dublin.

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  • Dead languages, banned books and a silent disco — Trinity week to focus on the theme of ‘Silence’

    April 2019

    Censorship in Ireland, the sounds of dead languages and a first-hand account of locked in syndrome are among the diverse range of topics to be explored during ‘Trinity Week’ — a series of free public events taking place in Trinity College Dublin between Monday April 29 and Friday May 3.


  • Zoologists find two new bird species in Indonesia

    April 2019

    Zoologists from Trinity, working with partners from Halu Oleo University (UHO) and Operation Wallacea, have discovered two beautiful new bird species in the Wakatobi Archipelago of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Their work sheds more light on the complex evolutionary puzzle of how new species emerge.

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