Managing Pressure Positively (Assistant Professor Year 1 - Development Programme)

Date: 21 March 2023
Time: 10:00 - 13:00

Targeted at Assistant Professors

Managing Pressure Positively With Margaret Collins, Training for Universities Stress, a part of everyday life, something to be lived with, some inescapable! In many cases, stress has power over us because we don't realize that we have choices and could be doing things differently. This Master Class will allow the participants to understand the nature and sources of their stress. They will gain the skills to deal with their stress symptoms and with stressful situations, they will learn how to relax and to choose a healthier and happier future. The skills gained can be equally applied to stress at home or at work, from dealing with tasks or to managing people and situations. By the end of the course participants can expect to:

  • understand the biological basis of stress and it's symptoms
  • see the reasons why stress is personal and identify your particular stressors
  • become aware of how you deal with stressful situations
  • have choices to deal with stress in a healthier or more helpful way
  • learn techniques that can help to deal with the symptoms of stress
  • have tools to manage themselves and their environment more effectively

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Human Resources Learning: Events & Courses


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