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Trinity College Dublin

Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies

MNES LogoMNES is a collaborative venture of research and teaching between the Department of Classics and the Department of Religions and Theology at Trinity College Dublin. It also incorporates the Dublin Centre for the Study of the Platonic Tradition.

The aim of the project is to explore the cultural dialogue and interchange in antiquity between East and West within the regions of the Mediterranean and Near East. These interactions - particularly those between the classical world of Greece and Rome and the religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam - and the reception of the cultural relationships thus formed, have continued to shape the identities of the Mediterranean and European region from antiquity right into the modern age. The Centre thus aims to participate not just in the academic reappraisal of the shared cultural heritage of the ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern worlds, but also in the contemporary political, cultural and religious discussions affecting East-West relations today.

Long Room Hub LogoA number of key areas of interest are studied through seminars, workshops and individual research; and the results communicated through publications and lecture series for the general public. The work of the Centre has also provided the stimulus for introducing new elements into existing undergraduate courses in both Departments.

A number of partnerships have been established with international institutions for collaborative research and other professional activities.

The Centre is funded through Trinity College's Long Room Hub by the Government of Irelan'ís National Development Plan, under the auspices of the Higher Education Authority's Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions.

NDP logoFor further information, please contact:
Professor Brian McGing
Department of Classics
Trinity College
Dublin 2

Dr Zuleika Rodgers
School of Religions and Theology
Trinity College
Dublin 2

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