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Trinity College Dublin

Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies

MNES LogoThe following volumes have been directly supported by the Centre:

Von Stackelberg, K., Roman Gardens: a cultural history (London 2009)
Neville, A., Mountains of Silver, Rivers of Gold: the Phoenicians in Iberia (Nottingham Studies in Archaeology, 2007)
Luce J.V. Morris C., Souyoudzoglou-Haywood C., eds The Lure of Greece. Irish Involvement in Greek Culture, Literature, History and Politics. Papers presented at a Conference organised by the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens, and held in the National University of Ireland, Galway 19th-21st September 2003, (Dublin, 2007)
McGing, B.C. and Mossman, J.M. (eds), The limits of ancient biography (University of Wales 2006)
Rodgers, Z. (ed.), Making History: Josephus and Historical Method (Leiden, 2006)
El Kaisy-Friemuth, M., Gods and Humans in Islamic Thought: Abd al-Jabbar, Ibn Sina and al-Ghazali (London 2006)
Smith, A. (ed.), Philosophy and society in Late Antiquity (University of Wales 2005)
Dillon, J. and Wilmer, S. (eds), Rebel women: staging ancient Greek drama today (London 2005)
Hezser, C. (ed.), Rabbinic law in its Roman and Near Eastern context (Tübingen 2003)
van den Berg, R., The Hymns of Proclus (Leiden 2002)
Hermathena No. 169, Winter 2000, Special Issue, Essays on the Platonic Tradition. General Editor, B.C. McGing; Guest Editor, J. Dillon (Dublin 2002)
Morris, C. and Karageorghis, V. (eds), Defensive Settlements of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean after c.1200 BC (Nicosia 2001)
Dodge, H., Coulston, J.C. (eds), Ancient Rome. The Archaeology of the Eternal City (Oxford University School of Archaeology Monography 54, Oxford 2000)
Freyne, S., Galillee and Gospel. Collected Essays

Lion Platonic Centre Pamphlet Series
Dillon, J., Platonism and the world crisis (Dublin 2007)
Hederman, M., Harry Potter and the Da Vinci code (Dublin 2007)
O 'Donoghue, J., The poetics of possibility (Dublin 2007)

Postgraduate Student Conference Proceedings
G. Papantoniou, A. Fitzgerald, S. Hargis eds, POCA 2005. Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology. Proceedings of the fifth annual meeting of young researchers on Cypriot Archaeology, Department of Classics, Trinity College, Dublin, 21-22 October 2005. BAR S1803 (Oxford 2008)
J. Day, C. Greenlaw, H. Hall, A. Kelly, L. Matassa, K. McAleese, E. Saunders and D. Stritch eds, SOMA 2004: Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology. BAR S1514 (Oxford 2006)

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