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Trinity College Dublin

Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies

MNES LogoThe Centre for Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies 2008-2012

Conflict and Cohabitation: the past and its reception in the creation of Mediterranean identities

Under the unifying theme of 'Conflict and Cohabitation', it is our aim to investigate, and develop resources for the investigation of how - at local, national and international levels - peoples, ideas, and practices have lived together in peaceful and hostile relationships; and how the multiple identities thus negotiated and given expression have led to both conflicts and accommodations that continue to affect the world in which we live. Current projects are the following.

I. Digitisation
  1. The Trinity College Papyrus Digitisation Project
  2. The Trinity College Weingreen Museum Digitisation Project

II. Case Studies
  1.  Egypt
  2.  Spain
  3.  Turkey
  4.  The Crusades
  5.  Imperial Rome - Commerce & Consumerism
  6.  The reception of Hellenistic Judaism in the modern period
  7.  Indigenous culture and empire: the case of Persia
  8.  Archaeology and European modernity: Minoan Crete
  9. The Ritual Life of Animals

III. The Trinity College Dublin Plato Centre

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