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VIP Stamps

VIP stamps were introduced to facilitate parking by VIP guests such as visiting lecturers, guest speakers, persons demonstrating equipment and the like and important visitors who are not entitled to a parking permit.

The System

Each VIP stamp is uniquely numbered and a record of each stamp is kept in Estates and Facilities. VIP users should be directed to either the Park Rite IFSC or Fleet Street/Temple Bar Car Parks where they are issued a standard 'Park-Rite' entry ticket. VIP's should then present this ticket to the Department in question who should stamp it clearly on the back and initial beside the number of the stamp.

This clearly stamped ticket will be accepted in lieu of cash at the Park-Rite booth when the VIP removes their vehicle.

Please note: The Park-Rite attendant will only accept clearly stamped tickets in lieu of cash and Park-Rite Ltd. will return these stamped to Estates and Facilities. The cost of VIP stamped tickets will then be charged out to the Departments.

Departments may find it more convenient to issue cash to their VIP's before they leave to pay the Park-Rite official directly. However, we understand that some may find this inappropriate.

The tariffs for parking are as follows:

Hour IFSC Fleet Street/Temple Bar
1 €2.00 (normal rate €3.00) €2.50 (normal rate €3.10)
2 €4.00 €5.00
3 €6.00 €7.50
4 €8.00 €10.00
5 €10.00  
All Day Rate €10.00 €10.00
Night Rate €3.50 from 18:00 to close €5.00 from 18:00 to 23:59
Saturday €6.00 N/A
Opening Hours Mon-Fri 06:30 to 22:00; Sat 08:00 to 22:00; Sun 10:00 to 22:00 24 Hours

VIP stamps are available from:

Estates and Facilities Service Centre, 194 Pearse Street, Trinity College. Tel. 896 4000

The cost of a VIP stamp is €15, chargeable to a provided Departmental Charge Code. A letter signed by the head of Department is required to release a VIP stamp, detailing an appropriate charge code and the name of the person authorised to use the stamp.

Loss or theft of a stamp must immediately be reported to the Security staff and then in writing to The Estates and Facilities Department.

A replacement stamp with a different ID tag may then be issued as above. Costs of abuse of the stamp will be borne by the Department unless the stamp is reported lost or stolen.