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In the event of an emergency, dial Security Services on extension 1999

Security Services provide a 24-hour service to the college community, 365 days a year. They are the liaison to the fire, garda and ambulance services and all staff and students are advised to always telephone extension 1999 (+353 1 896 1999) in case of an emergency.

Should you require any emergency or rescue services on campus, you must contact Security Services. This includes chemical spills, personal injury or first aid assistance.

Emergency Procedures

There is a legal duty on the university to ensure Emergency procedures are in operation tested and reviewed. This ensures that persons within the university confines, i.e., Staff, students, contractors and visitors, are not exposed to any unnecessary danger should an emergency occur.

Emergency situations which may cause the University Emergency Response Plan to be implemented may include:

    1. Fire
    2. Emergency evacuation due to: Gas leaks, Chemical spills, Biological and Radioactive incidents, Bomb alerts
    3. Serious accidents and injury
    4. Natural disaster (extreme weather/flooding)
    5. Off-site incidents
    6. Power failure

24-hour Security Services is located at 200 Pearse Street, adjacent to the Beckett Theatre. If you become aware of any potential emergency situation, you should contact Security Services at extension 1999.

A map of the assembly points to be used in case of fire, are outlined below.

The more detailed Emergency Response Plan can be viewed here.

AED Locations

Please find below two maps for the locations of the College AEDs on the main campus and off campus.