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Road works at Pearse Lane and the Printing House - from the 8th August to the 15th September 2023

Traffic on Pearse Lane and at the Printing House will be restricted from 8.00 am on Tuesday, August 8th until 4.00 pm on Friday, September 15th for the excavation of a trench and the installation of a new services ducts. These new services are required for the Book Kells Experience Project which is currently under construction in New Square.

Alternative temporary pedestrian access to Printing House Square will be required, at times during the works. Parking restrictions on Pearse Lane and at the Printing House will be in operation from 8.00 am on Tuesday, August 8th until 4.00 pm on Friday, September 15th.

We thank you for your understanding as we continue to improve the College’s built environment.

Beidh srian ar thrácht ar Lána an Phiarsaigh agus ag an gClólann ó 8.00am Dé Máirt an 8 Lúnasa go dtí 4.00pm Dé hAoine an 15 Meán Fómhair mar go mbeidh díog á tochailt agus duchtanna nua seirbhíse á suiteáil. Tá na seirbhísí nua sin riachtanach do Thionscadal Eispéiris Leabhar Cheanannais atá á thógáil faoi láthair sa Chearnóg Nua.

Beidh gá le bealach isteach sealadach eile do choisithe chuig Cearnóg na Clólainne ag amanna le linn na hoibre. Beidh srianta páirceála i bhfeidhm ag Lána an Phiarsaigh agus ag an gClólann ó 8.00 am Dé Máirt an 8 Lúnasa go dtí 4.00 pm Dé hAoine an 15 Meán Fómhair.

Gabhaimid buíochas leat as bheith foighneach linn de réir mar a leanaimid orainn ag feabhsú thimpeallacht thógtha an Choláiste.

STUDENT LOCKER rentals 2022/23 Academic Year

Student lockers are available in the following locations:

  • Arts
  • Hamilton
  • Trinity Bio Science Institute (TBSI)
  • 7/9 South Leinster Street
  • St James's Hospital (Trinity Centre)

You can reserve a locker in a similar manner to purchasing online tickets via our TCD, T-Card, all Students registered for the 2022/23 Academic Year are eligible to rent a locker at

Lockers will be offered on a first come first served basis for a period of 9 months commencing Thursday 29th September until 7th July 2023, fee of €20.00.

Please note lockers cannot be rented prior to 29th September, the locker rental system goes live on that date.

12 Energy Saving Tips

Here are 12 useful tips to help staff and students save energy....

Starting now…

1. Talk to your colleagues to agree responsibilities for switching off shared kitchen and office equipment, including photocopiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, fridges, freezers, vending machines, hot water boilers, radios, etc.

2. Survey labs, to identify and agree with colleagues which equipment can be switched off during the break. Remember some equipment may affect other labs (e.g. fume cupboards on linked ductwork). For example; arrange the combination of equipment etc into one fume cupboard, so the rest can be turned off.

Before you leave…

3. Shut down your PC and turn your monitor off

Did you know that leaving your PC and monitor on over the holidays would cost nearly €6!

4. Ensure all windows and doors are closed.

5. After doing the background work in tips 1 and 2, switch off all office and lab equipment, including photocopiers, printers, scanners, fax machines etc, and fume cupboards, incubators, glass ovens, compressors etc, Un-used fume cupboards in particular can waste huge amounts of warm air – which costs money, and wastes fuel.

Did you know that a fume cupboard left on 24/7 uses 6 tonnes of CO2, which is more than the average home!!!

6. Switch off all unnecessary lights – but only switch off exit route lights
if you are sure you are the last to leave.

7. Switch off vending machines - ideally hot drinks machines should
be emptied of water before the break and then re-filled before being
switched on again after Christmas.

8. Turn off all water consuming devices in your area and leave off when the
College is closed. This reduces risks of flooding with unsupervised equipment

9. Switch off your Zip/Burco hot water boiler – Turn off all wall mounted water boilers in labs, break rooms and rest areas

During a long break…

10. Take time to ‘switch off’ while College is closed - if it is necessary for you to come in over the holidays please ensure you switch off all lights and equipment as you leave.