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Silk Chroma

Silk Chroma

Visuals: Maura McDonnell
Music: Linda Buckley
Concept: Dermot Furlong
Surround Sound: Gavin Kearney

Silk Chroma is an audio-visual installation that is inspired by the novella Silk as a conceptual framework for the creation of a Visual Music colour presentation, with an accompanying electroacoustic musical composition using synthesized timbres and a surround sound presentation.

Silk Chroma was created by staff and MMT graduates teaching on the Music and Media Technologies (MMT) postgraduate programme at Trinity College Dublin in 2010. MMT silk chroma personnel: Dermot Furlong, Linda Buckley, Maura McDonnell and Gavin Kearney.

The work is divided into three parts

Section 1 - Water Flow Over His Body

Section 2 - Silk Threads Stopped Time

Section 3 - Birds in Flight