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MMT Masters Semester 3 – 30 credits

During the summer, and after successfully completing the taught modules in semester 1 and 2, students undertake a research project culminating in a written thesis and a demonstration of their work at the annual graduate exhibition. Due to the wide range of subjects offered by the MMT programme, this research project can explore many different topics, however, typically the project follows one of the following three models.  

Model 1: Hybrid project.
This model incorporates all interdisciplinary projects which involve both technical and artistic research and a significant practical component. This can include highly technical projects, creative projects that incorporate ideas, techniques and methods from other areas or are in some way influenced by ideas from other fields.

Model 2: Composition project
This model is used to assess projects that are entirely focused on composition, whether acoustic or electroacoustic music, audiovisual, or visual music composition.

Model 3: Dissertation
This model is applied to thesis work that focuses on a written research dissertation. As such it typically involves less practical work than a hybrid thesis and a greater emphasis on the written thesis and associated research.

Our students have undertaken a very broad range of different research projects over the years, some of which can be seen in the Showcase page. Here are the titles of just a few of the projects that MMT students have completed in the past.

The Sonification of Plant Electrophysiology
The Control of Spaciousness in Stereo Reproduction
The Impact of Spot Microphone Delay Time Compensation on the Coherence of Stereo Reproduction
Harnessing Real Time Oceanic Data to Generate an Immersive and Interactive Audio-Visual Installation.
Isshokenmei: Exploring Opera as Online Digital Narrative
Modelling the Naturalness of Violin Timbre
The Development of a Spatial Audio Amplitude Panning Tool for Reaper
The Sound Mill: A New Tangible Controller for Particle Synthesis
Arvo Part’s Tintinnabuli Technique as a Framework for Electronic Composition
The Gestural Spatial Mixer. An Exploration on Gesture Control of Spatial Mixing
Auditory Scene Analysis as a Compositional Tool for Traditional Irish Music