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Ms. Maura Mc Donnell
Assistant Professor Part-Time, Electronic & Elect. Engineering


Maura McDonnell is an Irish visual music artist based in Maynooth, Ireland, who creates visuals for new music and electronic music concerts, fixed media and installation productions. The medium of choice is visual effects and generative effects video and the style of her work is abstract. The meaningfulness that she seeks in her work is to explore the emotional, musical and evocativeness potential of music in a shared similarly crafted visual world. In 2005, she set up a visual music blog to document and research what she saw as an emerging field of creative art activity [] She has presented her visual music work and research at numerous international festivals, symposium, conference and film screenings. In 2011, Silk Chroma, a visual music work she created in collaboration with the composer Linda Buckley, Dermot Furlong and Gavin Kearney won an honorary award at the Visual Music Award competition in Frankfurt. She is an active member of an international group of artists, composers and academics and researchers engaged in the field of visual music artistic practice. At present, Maura is completing an Arts Practice based PhD on Visual Music in Trinity College, Dublin. She lectures on visual music topics on the M.Phil in Music and Media Technologies, Trinity College, Dublin

Publications and Further Research Outputs

Peer-Reviewed Publications

The visual music imagination: the sounding of images and the imaging of sounds in, editor(s)Dina Riccò María José de Córdoba , MuVi5: Video and moving image on synesthesia and visual music, Granada, Spain, Artecittà International Foundation, 2018, pp71 - 78, [Maura McDonnell] Book Chapter, 2018 URL

Maura McDonnell, The expansion of a cinema concrete method towards the exploration of new techniques for manipulating imagery in the development of a visual music cinema, klingt gut! symposium on sound, 2018, The Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg, 7th - 9th June, 2018, 2018 Conference Paper, 2018

Maura McDonnell, A Music Technology Paradigm for Visual Music Cinema, SOUND/IMAGE: Exploring sonic and audio-visual practice, University of Greenwich, London, UK, 10-12 November 2017, 2017 Conference Paper, 2017 URL

Maura McDonnell, Visual Music, eContact! The electronic journal of electroacoustics, 15, (4), 2014 Journal Article, 2014 URL

Maura McDonnell, Visual Music - The Colour Tone Analogy and Beyond, Seeing Sound Symposium 2013, Bath Spa University, Bath Spa, UK, 23-24/11/2013, 2013 Conference Paper, 2013 URL

Maura McDonnell, 'Towards One', Trinity College, Dublin, 1998, - Visual art production, 1998 URL

Non-Peer-Reviewed Publications

Maura McDonnell, Visual Music at the Crossroads of Performance Environments, VIMMA Project (Virtual, Intermedial and Mixed Reality Performance in Live Production and Creative Contexts), Reactive Residence Seminar, Centre for Practise as Research in Theatre, School of Communication, Media and Theatre, University of Tampere, Finland, 02/09/2013, 2013, VIMMA Project Invited Talk, 2013 URL

Research Expertise


Aesthetics; Art Criticism; Art Works/Artifacts; Choreography; Cinema/Video; Composition and Algorithmic composition, spectral music; Computer Arts; Computer Music; Continental philosophy; Creative Arts; Cultural Activities; Culture; Dance; Design Arts; Drawing; Electro-optics; Expansion Arts; Film Theory; Fine Arts; Graphic Design; Harmonic Analysis, Wavelets; History & Appreciation of Art; History & Appreciation of Music; Installation Art; Inter-Arts--Interdisciplinary Art Forms; Media Arts; Mixed-Media Art; Modern Art; Modernism, postmodernism; Multimedia; Music; Music Composition; Music Criticism; Musicology/Music Theory; New Music; Opera/Musical Theatre; Painting; Performance and technology; Performance Theory; Performing Arts; Philosophical Literature; Poetry; Set/Theatre Decoration/Design; Stochastic Processes; Theatre/Film Criticism; Video art; Video Installation; Videoart; Virtual Reality; Visual art; Visual Arts; Visual Culture; Visual Music; Visual perception


Awards and Honours

Honorable Mention - MuVi5 Video and moving image on synaesthesia and visual music May 2018

Honorary Award - Visual Music Award (VMA), 2011 01/11/2011