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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements for the Music & Media Technologies Course?

Stipulated specific entry requirements would include music or creative ability and an undergraduate degree (preferably, but not necessarily, in music, engineering, or science)


Mature students (over 23, NB: you need to turn 23 on or before January 1st of the academic year you are applying for) with relevant professional experience in a related industry or field. Each applicant is assessed on an individual basis. Because of this, past and present students come from varied backgrounds and bring with them knowledge and experience from different fields.

Acceptance for the course is based on a combination of academic competence, musical/compositional ability, technological capacity and interest/enthusiasm for new music/multimedia.

How do I apply for the Course?

See the 'How to Apply' section of our website.

When is the Closing Date for Applications?

The closing date for applications can be found here.

Is there an Open Day I can attend?

Yes there is a School of Engineering Graduate Studies Open Day in January each year. For more information on this please email: