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Maura McDonnell

Maura McDonnell Sounding Visual

MMT opened up the possibilities for exploring the cross-disciplinary and cross-art borders and boundaries between music and fine art animation. The curriculum was so rich and diverse, that it enabled experimentation and exploration into these boundaries. Subjects such as digital signal processing, psychoacoustics, music composition, digital sound synthesis, multimedia production gave me the foundation from which to build a rich set of technological tools for the exploration of images and sound. It was a challenging course, but one in which I got an education that I value very highly.

Since finishing the course in 1998, I have continued to explore these possibilities in visual music works. These works are both music concert visual and/or fine art animation with sound films. I have been keeping a blog since 2005, that gathers resources on the topic of visual music.
Visual Music Blog:

I have been teaching on the MMT course on visual music and music and image topics since 1999.

Maura McDonnell is an Irish visual music artist based in Maynooth, Ireland, who creates visuals for new music and electronic music concerts, fixed media and installation productions. The medium of choice is visual effects and generative effects video and the style of her work is abstract. The meaningfulness that she seeks in her work is to explore the emotional, musical and evocativeness potential of music in a shared similarly crafted visual world.

Duel Tones
Visuals: Maura McDonnell
Music: Bebhinn McDonnell