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Kevin Gleeson

Kevin Gleeson Ferrosynth

Kevin Gleeson is a multi-disciplinarian. Before coming to Trinity, he studied a degree in Music Production in Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin. It was his combined interests in all things technological and how technology could be exploited for use in the artistic process, which led him to MMT. Kevin is also the Composer in Residence for the Kerry County Council and has been based in Killarney for the last year. He has been working on numerous exciting projects with several Kerry based artists, which will be showcased later in the summer.

“Ferrosynth” is an interactive instrument, which exploits the fragile tangibility of a ferromagnetic liquid to generate audiovisual material. A mixture of ferromagnetic fluid and oil paint is manipulated in a petri dish using an array of electromagnets. This user-controlled movement creates unique and indeterminate visual material. The movement is captured by a camera and used to generate sounds using computer vision technologies. The user perceives the accumulative effect of these processes as one unified organic and tangible process.