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Enda Rowan

Shane McKenna Enda Rowan

Enda Rowan is an Artist from Dublin. He came to MMT from a background in Photography, which he specialised in while undertaking the BA in Communication Studies in Dublin City University. In 2011 Enda made a photography documentary about the relationship Dubliners have with Bull Island. After graduating, he taught in DCU as part of the Centre For Talented Youth, teaching classes in Multimedia and Photography. In 2012 Enda moved to New York, where he worked as an assistant to acclaimed Irish photographer Alen MacWeeney.

With fresh eyes (and ears), Enda returned to his work on Bull Island late last year. This presentation of Bull Island is the culmination of months of brand new audiovisual field work. The installation invites new examination of a familiar, multifaceted part of Dublin. Video, Soundscape and Photography are married to reveal vignettes of human experience in this dynamically changing landscape - a unique terrain that absorbs and preserves cultural artefacts of the city.