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Marcin Gorzel

Marcin Gorzel (centre) Speaking at the 140th convention of the Audio Engineering Society, Paris, 2016

“I graduated from the MMT course in 2009. During my years in MMT, I got really fascinated and deeply explored topics related to audio programming, advanced audio production, psychoacoustics and spatial audio. For my Master's thesis, I investigated subjective performance aspects of Wave Field Synthesis systems and for the final year showcase, I created an interactive installation called 'Iluzja', utilizing 3D graphics, Wave Field Synthesis and 6DoF visual tracking.

After MMT, I did a PhD in Spatial Audio, this time focusing more on efficient, interactive sound rendering for Virtual Reality applications. I also taught Audio Technologies on the MSc in Interactive Digital Media in the School of Computer Science & Statistics. In 2014, as a post-doctoral researcher in Trinity College, together with my colleagues from the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, I formed a start-up immersive audio software company called Thrive Audio, which was acquired by Google in 2015.

Currently, I work as a Senior Software Engineer at Google as a part of the Google Daydream team. At Google, I am mainly involved in development testing of novel spatial audio algorithms. I am one of the core developers of the Resonance Audio SDK which is used to deliver immersive spatial audio, for example, on YouTube VR, Play Movies VR or Earth VR, to name just a few. I also help to integrate and release Resonance Audio plug-ins on numerous platforms, including Unreal Engine 4, Unity, FMOD, Wwise, VST, native Android & iOS or Web. From perspective, I have to say that MMT was really important for me in sparking an interest in spatial audio, and developing the core knowledge that enabled me to continue my research in this area and develop my career."

Marcin Gorzel
Senior Software Engineer, Google Ireland.
Phd, MPhil Music and Media Technology