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Simon Cullen

Simon Cullen

“I currently do all manner of work in music and sound related realms, including live sound, studio production and mixing, sound design, sound for theatre and music for video, film and advertisement. Foremost I am a musician and composer and work through several projects including my band Ships. I also like to develop bespoke projects and am responsible for creating Music for 18 Machines a piece through which Steve Reich's Music for 18 Musicians is performed by 18 synthesisers.

MMT has meant so much to me. It instilled a strong work ethic and the confidence to become a productive member of a creative community. It opened up new worlds and provided a broad and firm knowledge base from which to evolve a personal practice.”
- Simon Cullen

Since graduating from MMT in 2004, sound designer and composer Simon Cullen has been involved in a number of projects such as Choice Music Prize winning electronic duo Ships, the art, music & technology group Synth Eastwood, and Lasertom. In 2017, Simon created Music for 18 Machines, a reimagining of Steve Reich’s minimalist classic Music for 18 Musicians which employs synthesisers in the places of musicians to voice the original work. Reich’s work is a blueprint of the minimalist movement - an exploration of pattern and process. Music for 18 Machines reverses this process in a search to elicit an expressive and emotive performance from 18 electronic instruments being played by a single computer.