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Music & Media Technologies Partnership with Roland Creative Tools

Press Release

Music & Media Technologies (MMT), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) are delighted to partner with Roland in offering staff and students access to its legendary suite of creative tools via Roland Cloud. It is Roland’s mission to equip the next generation of creatives with classic instruments and sounds while encouraging students’ potential to forge their own sonic paths and careers. Roland Cloud is a market-leading service for music creation tools including both new and classic virtual instruments and applications. Roland is particularly excited about this opportunity to partner with the MMT program due to its distinctive course of study, which includes music composition, sound and image, as well as engineering and production for a variety of media. MMT lecturer Enda Bates said, “We are thrilled about this partnership with Roland and to be able to provide access for our students to such a range of new and classic synthesizers. We expect this to be invaluable in a lot of our teaching but particularly in our composition, and synthesis and sound design modules”.

Roland’s innovations have been part of the recording industry since the 1970s. Learning about modern production, sound design, and Roland’s rich history, is profoundly valuable in creating a fundamental understanding of the significance of synthesizers and drum machines. The influence of legendary classics like the Roland TR-808, JUNO-106, and JUPITER-8 can still be heard across all genres of music and have left an indelible mark on contemporary culture.

The MMT programme is a 12-month full-time or 24-month part-time Masters course in TCD. The first and second semester taught modules provide the necessary music, video, computational and technological skills to allow creative individuals to engage in computer-assisted audio-visual composition and production, engage in audio signal processing system design, apply software tools for the music and media industries and/or enter the arena of media production. In the third semester students complete a research project culminating in a Masters thesis and a public exhibition of their work.