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Dr. Stephen Roddy presents at In Practice Conference on arts-practice research

MMT Lecturer Dr. Stephen Roddy is a speaker and presenter at the In Practice conference by Music, Drama, Film/Screen and Heritage Research, at the School of Arts and Humanities, Ulster University, Magee Campus, presenting on arts practice research in relation to sharing about his own arts practice research in relation to data-driven sound and music.Conference took place from 17th to 24th June, 2021

Event Information

With a focus on creative, performing, and practice-based arts PhD research, this event will introduce practitioner-researchers from a range of disciplines and career paths.

The event, hosted by Ulster University's Music, Drama, Film and Heritage research unit and School of Arts and Humanities, will take place over two days: 17th June and 24th June.

Day one will focus more on examples of practice-based research approaches, with presenters including Dr Carolann North (poet), Dr Trish Morgan (media artist and lecturer, Dublin City University), Dr Stephen Roddy (artist-researcher in data-driven sound and music, Trinity College Dublin), Dr Brona Martin (composer-researcher, University of Southampton), and Dr Robin Parmar (artist-researcher across various media and lecturer, University of Limerick).

Day two will continue discussions of practice-based research, but will also focus on career paths, with presentations from Dr Laura Aguiar (community engagement, Nerve Centre), Dr Jenn Kirby (composer-performer-researcher in music technology, University of the West of Scotland), Dr Richard Graham (CEO Delta Sound Labs, USA, and former tenure-track assistant professor at a US university). Day two will conclude with the rare opportunity of a two-hour workshop from Ottowa based Dr Chris Cornthwaite, author of Doctoring: Building a Life with a PhD, tailored to PhDs in creative and practice-based arts

From the Ulster University website Event information page

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