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University Board Papers

University Board Papers


Please find the Board Attendance on the Secretary's Office website

Ex officio

Linda Doyle, Provost, Chair

Orla Sheils, Vice-Provost

David Shepherd, Senior Lecturer

Neville Cox, Registrar

Eleanor Denny, Bursar


Elected members

Khurshid Ahmad (2020-2024)

Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez (2022-2026)

Sarah Alyn-Stacey (2020-2024)

Louis Brennan (2022-2026)

Sarah Browne (2022-2026)

Kevin Byrne (2020-2024)

Norah Campbell (2022-2026)

Zoe Cummins (2022-2023)

Gabrielle Fullam (2022-2023)

David Grouse (2022-2026)

Darryl Jones (2022-2026)

Rose Anne Kenny (2020-2024)

Caitriona Leahy (2022-2026)

Rachel Mathews-McKay (2020-2024)

Ross McManus (2020-2024)

Lorna Roe (2020-2024)

Fintan Sheerin (2020-2024)

Chloe Staunton (2022-2023)

John Walsh (2020-2024)


Appointed members

Andrea Nolan (2020-2024)

Paul Farrell (2022-2026)


In attendance - ex officio

The Secretary to the College - John Coman

The Treasurer/Chief Financial Officer - Peter Reynolds


In attendance

The Vice-President for Global Engagement - Emma Stokes

The Chief Operating Officer - Orla Cunningham

The Assistant Secretary to the College - Victoria Butler

Governance Manager, Secretary's Office - Sorcha De Brunner (remote meetings only)


Contact: Last updated: Oct 24 2022.