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The accommodation business unit manages student, staff and visitor accommodation. Some major initiatives introduced since 2014 have seen a redesign of the summer accommodation website, digital media campaigns to increase summer accommodation and the continued promotion of Trinity as a place for visitors to stay during the summer season. For more information on Summer Accommodation available for visitors, visit

The accommodation office has a wide portfolio to maintain each year, with accommodation available to staff, students, official guests and summer visitors. Trinity’s students can apply for accommodation on campus or in Dartry, at Trinity Hall. Official guests to Trinity departments and societies are also provided with accommodation on campus. For more information on student accommodation, visit

Recent News on Summer Accommodation

The summer schools programmes are a burgeoning project for the university. Students stay in campus accommodation and utilise otherwise vacant classrooms for morning language classes. The revenue this generates for the College helps to refurbish rooms and upgrade teaching equipment. Students come predominantly from Europe and take advantage of the short time spent in Dublin to learn about the College and what Dublin has to offer as a European city in a time of great change.