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Trinity Operation Transformation

In January 2018, Operation Transformation is coming to Trinity again.  You can register here as part of a group or as an individual.  

What is Trinity Operation Transformation (TOT)?

CollegeHealth and Trinity Sport are putting a Trinity twist on the national television and radio programme by making it easier to be healthy on campus. We recommend you get into a group with some of your friends, classmates or colleagues but you can also take part as an individual.

Register here to take part in any of the elements of the programme below.

What's On In Trinity?

From the 16th January - 28 Feb TOT will support you to be more physically active, eat healthy, stop smoking, reduce your alcohol intake and stay motivated for change. TOT is part of the Healthy Trinity initiative.

Launch 16th January 2018

Come to our lunchtime launch in the Main Hall of the Sports Centre from 1-2. It will be a fun fitness class and a chance to meet everyone doing TOT. Futher details will be revealed once you've registered.

Physical Activity

Easily our favourite part, there are lots of opportunities to be physically active. 

  • Free Exercise Classes: TOTers Choice class every Thursday 12.15-1pm.  TOTers choice means that each week, participants tell us what activity they want to do the following week. What would you like? Body Blast? Bootcamp? Kettlebells? The group decides.

  • Free and discounted classes: Thanks to Trinity Sport classes like Studio Cycling, Bootcamp, Kettlebells, HITT and HITT Cycle members' are reduced price: For members is €3, Non Members is €5.50.
  • Lunchtime social quickfix: Our social walk/jog/run group meets from 1.05-1.35 every Wednesday at the steps of the Pavilion. We know lack of time stops people being active. We'll do a 5 minute warm up, 20 minutes walking/jogging/running around the fitness trail and a 5 minute cool-down. You'll meet lots of nice people and still have time to change and eat lunch. All welcome.
  • Open Club Sessions: Trinity's Sports Clubs have open sessions during TOT every year. You’re sure of a warm welcome because each of the clubs has assigned a friendly person to meet and greet new people. Why not try trampolining, fencing, dancing, swimming, badminton… we could go on!
  • Campus 3K: To celebrate your better health, Sport host a campus 3K walk/run/jog.  No course times are taken because it’s for fun, not competition and is aimed at all levels. All are welcome.



Staying Motivated

  • There will be weigh ins with motivational interviewing in the Sports Centre from 1-1.15pm every Thursday
  • When you register you will set a clear vision for what you want to achieve
  • You will receive weekly motivational emails with information on open sessions available on TOT that week. 



Eating Healthy





Stopping Smoking

Trinity Smoke Free will offer a 6 Week Stop Smoking course starting on Tuesday 23rd of January from 1.05-1.50pm.  Come along to learn about preparing to stop, setting a quit date and dealing with cravings.  You can register for our next stop smoking course here. Thanks to everyone who has stopped smoking in Trinity's Tobacco Free Zones. We had an 81% reduction in smoking during the pilot programme.


Reducing Alcohol Intake

As part of the “On the Dry” campaign we’re encouraging TOTers to stay off the demon drink for at least the month of January.  It’s a great opportunity to cut empty calories from your diet, give you more energy and have an entire month free of post-session depression. 



At a Glance

We know TOT is complicated. Below is a full list of what's available.

Reduced price for members is €3, Non Members is €5.50.

TOT runs from the 16th January - 28 Feb.

Discounted/Free Classes:

Day Time and Event Location Cost

12.15pm –Total Body Strength

Fitness Studio

Reduced cost

1.05pm – Studio Cycling

Cycling Studio

Reduced cost






Functional Zone

Reduced cost





7.45am –HIIT

Main Hall B

Reduced cost

1.05pm Social Walk/Jog           

Steps of Pavilion






12.15pm - 1pm TOTers Choice

Functional Zone


12.30-1.30pm Weigh ins and Motivational Interviewing

Sports Centre treatment room


1.15pm – HITT Cycle

Cycling Studio

Reduced cost


5.15pm -  Boot camp

Functional Zone

Reduced cost

Spring Social Campus 3K

Spring has sprung. It's a great time to get out for Trinity's annual Spring Social walk, jog or run. It's a social event for people of every fitness level. All welcome, bring your friends!

Do you remember the post-Christmas bloat? Are you feeling a bit better now? The Spring Social is a chance to celebrate your efforts to get healthy since the New Year. Maybe you've been more active, maybe you're eating more colours and less processed food or maybe you're no longer smoking. It all takes effort and you should be congratulating yourself for doing it.

When: Thursday, 1st March, 1pm
Where: Starts at Front Square and you can see the full route here
How: You can register here or just turn up on the day (although places are limited).

No times will be taken as this is a social event. Well done to everyone who took part in this year’s Operation Transformation, Social Walk/Jog/Run Group or Stop Smoking Course. Thank you to those who no longer smoke in Trinity's Tobacco Free Zones. We've had an 81% reduction in smoking in them.

This event is organised by College Health and Trinity Sport as part of the Healthy Trinity initiative.

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