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Dr Catherine Lawless


My research interests focus on gender, religious devotion and representation in late medieval and Renaissance Italian art, with a particular emphasis on the representation of the holy gendered body, the relationships between religious belief and representation, text and image, hagiography and iconography, and representation and gender.



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Articles and Chapters

  • '"Make Your House like a Temple": Gender, Space and Domestic Devotion in Medieval Florence,' Religions, vol.11, no.3 (2020),
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  •  ‘“Widowhood was the Time of Her Greatest Perfection”: Sanctity, Gender and Florentine Art’, in Widowhood and Visual Culture in Early Modern Europe, ed. Allison Levy (Aldershot and Burlington: Ashgate, 2003), 20-39.
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  • Entries on the Crucifixion attributed to Bernardo Daddi and God the Father attributed to Nicholas Froment, in The Hunt Museum: Essential Guide (London: Scala, 2002).

Teaching & Supervision

On the M.Phil in Gender and Women's Studies I teach a core module on Gender Theories, and a module on Art, Gender and Identity. I also contribute to the M.Phil in Medieval History module Saints and Sanctity, which is offered to the M.Phil in Gender and Women's Studies. At undergraduate level I contribute to Approaches to Art History and Criticism; Renaissance Florence, and will be offering a fourth year module on Art, Gender and the Body in Medieval and Renaissance Italy. I am happy to supervise students on gender and representation, gender and holiness, and on cultural and social history of late medieval and Renaissance Italy.

Dr Lawless on the TCD Research Support System

Contact Details

Centre for Gender and Women's Studies
University of Dublin Trinity College
Rm. B6.013, 6th Floor, Arts Building
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Telephone: 00 353 1 896 2225