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Frequently Asked Questions

CAMPUS : The main pedestrian entrance to the College is through the Front Gate from College Green, which is open from 07.00 to 24.00hrs, Monday to Friday. After midnight there is controlled access for residents and guests via Front Gate on production of a College ID card, room key or key card. Overnight guests who have been previously signed-in and who are in the company of their host will also be admitted. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, Front Gate is open from 08.00 to 18.00hrs. Access from 18.00hrs to 24.00hrs is via Nassau Street Gate. After 24.00hrs access reverts to Front Gate. The Nassau Street entrance at the Arts Building is open Monday to Friday 08.00 to 22.30hrs. On Saturday 08.00 to 24.00hrs, On Sundays (1st June – 30th September) 09.30-24.00hrs, (1st October – 31st May) 11.30 – 24.00hrs The Lincoln Place entrance, which is the main vehicular entrance, is open 7 days a week up to 24.00hrs. This gate opens at 07.00hrs, Monday to Friday and opens at 08.00hrs on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Goldsmith Hall entrance is by swipe card only through the entrance door on Westland Row. There may be variations on the above opening times at certain times of the year or to facilitate special events. To view a map of the campus, please visit the College Maps website .

TRINITY HALL : The main pedestrian entrance to the Trinity Hall grounds is through the side gate from Dartry Road, which is open 24 hours a day and can be accessed using your key card. The pedestrian entrance at Temple Road gate remains open between 06.00hrs – 01.00am daily. After 01.00am there is controlled access for residents and guests via the main pedestrian entrance on Dartry Road on production of a College ID, room key or key card. Overnight guests who have been previously signed-in and who are in the company of their host will also be admitted through this gate. The only vehicular access is through the main gate on Dartry Road which is open between 06.00hrs and 24.00hrs and is controlled with the use of a vehicular barrier.

KAVANAGH COURT: Access is on Gardiner Street, a fob is issued at check-in and this is to be presented to the lock at the reception to access the property and then presented again at their room.

The Accommodation Advisory Service is a free service run by the Students’ Union in House No. 6. The service hours are : Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm from mid-August to the end of Freshers’ Week and again in January. The Advisory Service may only be used by those associated with Trinity College. A College ID or letter of acceptance to College is required to gain admittance to the service.

CAMPUS : The Accommodation Office is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 1pm and 2pm-5pm each day. Queries can be emailed to, or you can telephone 8961177 during office hours. After hours you can contact Front Gate at 8963978 in case of difficulties or key problems. In Goldsmith Hall attendants are on duty in the residential area at weekends and overnight and they will assist with local problems. In the event of a serious emergency, particularly where you require the attendance of ambulance, fire or police services please telephone College Security at 8961999 (internal 1999). To ensure a co-ordinated response please do not call these services directly. We recommend that you programme these numbers into your mobile phone using the prefix “01” before the number.

TRINITY HALL : The Accommodation Office is open Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm, and on Fridays from 8.30am to 4pm. The reception area is staffed 24 hours a day. During office hours the reception area is staffed by a member of the Accommodation Office Administrative Staff. Outside of office hours the reception desk is staffed by a member of the RSA (security) team. In the event of a serious emergency, particularly where you require an ambulance, fire or police services, please ring our office number 01 8968024 for assistance or call in person.

KAVANAGH COURT: Reception is at the entrance to the building and it is open from 9-5:30 weekdays and closed at the weekend. However reception opens for two hours over the weekend for parcel collections. (12pm-2pm) Phone number:  +353 1 567 6977

CAMPUS: At present on Campus, the GMB, Botany Bay, Rubrics and Goldsmith Hall are wired for cable TV.

TRINITY HALL: all shared kitchen/living room areas are wired for cable TV. Residents must provide their own TV.

KAVANAGH COURT: One communal TV per apartment is provided in the lounge area with channels provided by Freeview.

Provisional applications from CAO applicants were invited from 29th March – 10th May 2021. We anticipate that the provisional offers to CAO students will be made by end of June 2021.

Late applications from CAO students will be accepted again from 24th May 2021. Please note, these applications will be considered as late and will not be reviewed until after First Round of CAO offers have been made in August/September.

Please note, your full name and your CAO number must match those used in your CAO application.  Any discrepancies/errors in your name and CAO number may lead to your accommodation application being incorrectly reviewed.

CAO Application FAQ’s

Please use a PC to submit your application as some mobile devices do not allow for the applications to be properly completed

Q 1. What is the closing date for applications?
Closing date for applications to Trinity Hall is 10th May 2021. Applications will re-open after CAO Round 1 offers to fulfil remaining vacancies, if any arise. Allocations are not based on the timing your application was submitted.

Q 2. What is the application process?
Step 1 – Complete registration with your correct CAO number and your full name as per your CAO application.
Step 2 – Open your email inbox and search for email from ‘’. You are advised not to use a yahoo account.
Step 3 – This email will contain a link, click on this to complete registration.
Step 4 – Log-in to the website, using your CAO number & password.
Step 5 – Make an application for 2021/22. Check that you are applying for the correct year in the drop down box.
Step 6 – You will receive email confirmation when your application is submitted.

Q 3. What if I cannot find the registration email?
Please check your spam/trash/junk folders, as often email providers direct such emails to these folders.

Q 4. What if I cannot remember my password?
Please use the ‘Forgot my Password’ facility on the website.

Q 5. What if I get an error – ‘user not recognized’?
This means that you either have entered incorrect details or you have not confirmed your registration by clicking on the email you received when registering. Please refer to registration email in your inbox first, then if registration is confirmed, return to the accommodation portal. If still unable to log-in, please use ‘Forgot my Password’ facility:

Q 6. What are the two different room types available?
1. Single en-suite bedroom – a single en-suite bedroom with own bathroom and shower. Kitchen facilities shared with other 5-7 students. All single en-suite bedrooms are in Modern Apartments.
2. Twin en-suite bedroom – a twin bedroom (contains two beds, rather than one). Bathroom and shower shared with the other occupant in the room and kitchen facilities shared with other 4-7 students. All twin en-suite bedrooms are in Modern Apartments.

Q 7. Can I apply for on-campus accommodation (rooms in Trinity College)?
Trinity Hall is the designated student residence for incoming First Years. On-campus accommodation is generally reserved for final year and post-graduate students.

Q 8. Will my application for Trinity Hall be disadvantaged/not taken into consideration if I specify that I would like to be considered for Private Accommodation at either Binary Hub or Kavanagh Court?
If you specify that you would like to be considered for Private Accommodation, your application will not be disadvantaged and will be reviewed by the Warden together with other applications. If you subsequently are not successful in securing a room in Trinity Hall, you will be nominated for rooms in the Private Accommodation if there are vacancies available.
Please note though that if you do book private accommodation before receiving a response from Trinity Hall, your application will no longer be considered for Trinity Hall as you will have already booked another Trinity College contracted accommodation.

Q 9. I am studying Dental Nursing (diploma course) – am I eligible to apply?
No, unfortunately if you are studying for a diploma in Dental Nursing you are not eligible to apply for accommodation at Trinity Hall.

Q 10. I am studying dual degree with TU Human Nutrition and Dietetics – am I eligible to apply?
You can place an application for Trinity Hall and your application will be considered on the basis that the course is actually delivered by Trinity College the year you are looking for accommodation.

Q 11. Is there a deposit that needs to be paid or an application fee, at the time of making the application?
No, there is neither a deposit nor an application fee charged. Applications are made free of charge and students do not have to pay a deposit when applying to Trinity Hall.

Q 12. Where is Trinity Hall?

Trinity Hall is located on Dartry Road, Rathmines, 2.5 miles from the College. It’s a short bus or tram ride form the main campus/city centre. It takes approximately 50-55 minutes to walk and approximately 30 minutes to cycle.

Q 13. Can I choose who I live with in first year? Can I ask to share a room or an apartment with my friend?
If you have friends you would like to share with and they also want to share with you, name your friends and list their CAO numbers in your supporting statement and we will take this request into consideration  when allocating rooms.

Across campus, students have a wide choice of restaurants and coffee shops to suit all tastes and budgets. All catering outlets on campus also accept payment by TCard!

The Buttery Food Court

Located just off the main square, The Buttery offers a wide range of food choices. This is a great place to meet and catch up with friends between lectures. We offer a full breakfast range, made to order deli bar featuring a wide range of bread and fillings, a hot food offer and salad bar. The Food Court regularly features meal deal promotions or themed food events. Located in the famous Vaults we offer a delicious range of Lavazza coffee drinks. Sit and enjoy or take away, either way, we will be delighted to see you. Opening Hours: 7.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Thursday, 7.30am to 3.00pm on Fridays

The Perch

Over the Summer, this cafe has been given a brand new look. Located in the Arts Building adjacent to the Book of Kells exhibition and the Old Library, offering a range of hot and cold beverages, mouth-watering pastries and sandwiches and grab and go food offers. This is the ideal venue for those rushing from one appointment to another. Opening Hours:  8.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 6.00pm on Friday

The Old Dining Hall

Located in the historic surroundings off Front Square, students are served a selection of hot dishes, soups and desserts and can dine in the elegant splendour of the dining hall. This is open lunchtime only in term. Opening Hours:  12 noon to 3.00pm Monday to Friday

Aras an Phiarsaigh Coffee Area

This little oasis at the centre of campus is a great place to grab a tea or coffee on the run. Kick-start your day in the “Aras” ideally located near to the day nursery, the theatre and the IT centre. If you need a “pick me up” during the day, you will not be disappointed. Opening Hours:  8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday 8.30am to 3.30pm on Friday

Gastro Deli

Located in the Hamilton building concourse, it includes a Costa Cafe and a Gastro Deli with delicious made to order sandwiches, panini and wraps and a range of pastries, confectionery and snacks. Opening Hours:  Costa Cafe : 8.00am to 6.00pm – 5.30pm on Friday Gastro: 10.30am to 2.30pm

Staff Restaurants

In addition to our staff being welcome at any of the restaurants listed above, we would like to let you know about The East Dining Hall which is exclusively for staff of Trinity College.

The East Dining Hall

Accessed through the Common Room, the Dining hall or via the stairs at the rear of the catering building, this private dining room serves lunch which includes a full range of hot meals, desserts and a salad bar. We also serve a choice of soups. Opening Hours: 12 noon to 3.00pm Monday to Friday

The 1592 Restaurant

This elegant fine dining restaurant opens for lunch daily from 12.00noon to 2.30pm during the academic term and is open to all guests. This is the ideal place, centrally located to the left as you enter the Dining Hall off Parliament Square, to entertain guests or simply treat yourself and your colleagues. Due to limited seating capacity, booking is recommended and department charge codes if applicable should be given at the time of booking. Tel: 01-8961592 Email: 

Off-Campus Dining Options

For students located in either St. James’s hospital or Tallaght hospital, KSG operates cafes in both sites with a premium Starbucks coffee offer, deli made to order sandwich range and grab and go snacks to suit all palates and pockets. Opening Hours in the Old Stone Building , St James’ Hospital 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 3.30pm on Friday Opening Hours in Tallaght Hospital  8.00am to 3.30pm Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 3.00pm on Friday


The traditional Commons meal is served Monday to Friday to the Fellows and Scholars of the College. It is served in the Old Dining Hall at 6.15pm Monday to Thursday and at 1.05pm on Fridays and during out of term periods. For further information on Commons for Scholars, please visit the Scholars website For further information on Commons for Fellows, please visit the Scholars website
Banqueting Details on the banqueting services available can be found at :

The occupancy of a room in College Residences is subject to the ‘Conditions of Occupancy’ detailed in this document. In accepting the offer of rooms, resident agrees to abide by the ‘Conditions of Occupancy’.

CAMPUS: Over the Christmas period and the New Year, the college closes down for an extended period and access restrictions may apply only to those staying on campus. For further information please email: For all other accommodation access is as normal.

Wireless networking is available in all residences on the campus and at Trinity Hall and Kavanagh Court. For information on what internet and network facilities are available once you are connected to the College network please see our pages on web services.

CAMPUS: With the exception of the Rubrics and Houses 47 to 52, student residences are centrally heated. Central heating is controlled by time clocks with the heat timed to come on at specific times throughout the day. Locally, heat can be regulated by adjusting the valves on the radiators in your room. During the heating season, service is provided from 07.00hrs – 22.30hrs daily. In residential areas with no central heating, each area generally has an individual gas, electric or night storage heater. Rooms in the Rubrics have gas fires which can be operated at the user’s discretion. Houses 47 to 52 have electric storage heating which charges at night and releases heat during the day. They also have a convector option which enables the individual user to boost their heating during the day if required. Instructions for the type of heater in your room can be obtained in the Accommodation Office. Hot water is available in all rooms 24 hours a day.

TRINITY HALL: All student residences in Trinity Hall are centrally heated. Central heating is controlled by time clocks with the heat timed to come on at specific times throughout the day. Locally, heat can be regulated by adjusting the valves on the radiators in your room. During the heating season service is provided as follows:

Cunningham House Heat : 06.00 – 23.00 Hot Water : 06.00 – 23.00

Modern Accommodation (Houses 80 to 91) Heat : 06.00 – 23.00 Hot Water : 06.00 – 23.00

KAVANAGH COURT: There are radiators in every room with a thermostat in each room for the students.

College has arranged insurance cover for all student residents on campus and at Trinity Hall and it is included in the utility charges. Details of this cover can be found here. Please note new year’s document is updated mid-October each year.

TRINITY HALL: The JCR is the representative and coordinating body for all Trinity Hall students and is responsible for organising social events throughout the year. Each resident is entitled to the use of the leisure facilities provided by the JCR and attendance at a social function hosted by both JCR and SCR.

For security reasons it is important that you do not identify your room number on your keys in case they are lost. If you do lose your key, please report this immediately to the Accommodation Office who will issue you with a new one. If conventional metal keys are lost, it will be necessary to have the lock replaced. The cost of lock changes and replacement keys will be charged to the resident. Lost electronic key cards or fobs can be replaced for a nominal charge as there is no necessity to reprogram these locks. Outside normal office hours temporary key cards or fobs will be provided by the Security Centre at Front Gate or the Attendants Desk in the courtyard at Goldsmith Hall. For residents of Trinity Hall and Kavanagh Court  please contact the Security staff located in the main reception.

CAMPUS: The College Launderette is located to the west side of the Atrium. Entrance to the Launderette is via Chandler’s corner (to the left as you face the ATM machine at the west entrance to the Buttery). To view a map please visit the maps website (opens in a new browser window) The Launderette was newly renovated during summer 2020 and is equipped with a number of self-service washing machines and dryers which are coin free; contactless payment option available through Circuit app. Instructions on using the Launderette can be found on the Circuit website:

Washing powder is available to purchase in the Students’ Union Shop. The Launderette is open Monday to Sunday 11am – 10pm. Access is with a valid staff or student card. The nearest external launderette is located in 40 South Great Georges Street and is called the All American Launderette. The opening hours are Monday – Saturday 8.30am – 7pm, Sunday 10.00am – 6pm. The nearest dry cleaners is Grafton Cleaners located on 32 South William Street. They are open from Monday to Saturday 8.30am – 6.30pm and Saturday 9am – 5pm.

TRINITY HALL: This facility is equipped with a number of self-service washing machines and dryers which are coin free; contactless payment option available through Circuit app. Instructions on using the Launderette can be found on the Circuit website: Opening hours are from 8.00am to 10.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.00am to 8.00pm at weekends.

KAVANAGH COURT: there is a 24 hour launderette on site where a wash costs €4 and a dry costs €2.

CAMPUS: Maintenance and repairs in residences are carried out by either staff from the Estates and Facilities Department or contractors appointed on a project by project basis. Service contracts have been placed with specialist companies for the maintenance of fire safety equipment, lifts etc. Except in the case of emergencies, work within residences is only carried out on the instructions of the Accommodation Office. In addition, planned improvement projects and redecoration are undertaken throughout the year and residents are given as much notice as possible. The nature of some of these projects is such that residents may be requested to transfer to an alternative room for a short period while work is underway in their normal room. Maintenance may be reported electronically through the use of the maintenance request form in the resident’s online accommodation account within: 

Do not leave urgent requests until late in the day as it is more difficult to arrange rectification. It is not necessary for you to attend your room while maintenance is carried out. The Accommodation Office will issue room keys to maintenance staff in order to facilitate access. Outside of office hours if you have a serious maintenance problem such as power failure, strong smell of gas, no heating or no hot water, contact the Front Gate on 8961317, or the Accommodation Office at Trinity Hall on 01 8968024, who will request a member of Estates and Facilities to attend.

TRINITY HALL: Please contact +353 1 8968024, or speak to a member of staff at reception.  To report maintenance to Trinity Hall directly please email your request to, giving your name, room number and the location and type of issue

KAVANAGH COURT: Please speak to a member of staff at reception


CAMPUS : If you want to have a guest stay on campus overnight you must register them on: – My Requests – Overnight Guests before midnight. Overnight guests will only be admitted after midnight in the company of the resident. Only one overnight guest per resident is permitted at anytime. As a general rule overnight guests are not permitted on campus over the Christmas period, or during annual examinations. At other times the Registrar of Chambers may prohibit overnight guests for operational reasons.

TRINITY HALL : If you want to have a guest stay at Hall overnight you must register them on: – My Requests – Overnight Guests before 11.00pm. Overnight guests will only be admitted after 1am in the company of the resident. Residents may only host one overnight guest at any time and for no more than two nights without applying to the Warden in writing for permission. As a general rule overnight guests are not permitted at Trinity Hall over the Christmas period, or during annual examinations. At other times the Warden may prohibit overnight guests for operational reasons. Hosts are responsible for the behaviour and actions of their guests.

KAVANAGH COURT: Yes overnight guests are allowed. They need to be signed in before 7pm and can stay for a max of two days.

CAMPUS: There are no parking facilities for student residents on campus.

TRINITY HALL: Trinity Hall, there are a number of car spaces available to both staff and students. However in order to avail of this facility an up to date car parking permit must be displayed at all times. Our security staff have been authorised to fully enforce this policy, and clamping will be carried out on vehicles not displaying a car permit. If you would like to apply for a permit you will need to produce copies of the following documentation: Registration, Insurance, Tax Certificate, Driving Licence, as well as completing an application form.

Guest parking at Trinity Hall can be arranged by contacting the Accommodation Office during office hours to apply for a visitor permit.

KAVANAGH COURT: There are no parking facilities available.

An interesting government site established to provide links and information to the public services is the following site : (opens in a new browser window)

CAMPUS: For information about recycling please visit the Estate and Facilities website.

TRINITY HALL: For information about recycling please visit the Estate and Facilities website.

KAVANAGH COURT: There are recycling bins located in the bin room

Trinity has limited accommodation for single members of staff across all locations. The accommodation on Campus and at Trinity Hall mainly consists of single bedroom apartments with lounge/kitchen and in private accommodation of single ensuite bedroom and shared kitchen/living room. Connections to the Trinity IT network is provided in all accommodation on Campus. WiFi is provided in private accommodation.

In the allocation of accommodation on campus, priority is given to Fellows of the College and assistant Junior Deans. Thereafter, accommodation is normally offered to staff moving to Trinity from abroad.

Applications for single staff accommodation may be made on this form which should be returned to the Accommodation Office on campus or emailed to

Room Types

There are a number of single ensuite rooms and single apartments available on the main Campus. At Trinity Hall there are a small number of single occupancy apartments available.


The allocation of staff rooms on campus is the responsibility of the Senior Dean. The Warden is responsible for the allocation of rooms at Trinity Hall. In the allocation of accommodation on campus priority is given to Fellows of the College and assistant Junior Deans. Thereafter, accommodation is normally offered to staff moving to Trinity from abroad.

Contact :

Campus – Hazel Kinmonth

Trinity Hall – Santa Zulge

Staff Licences

Residential licences for staff may be found at the following links:

A very useful Irish site with a range of information and links is (opens in a new browser window)

To apply for rooms under Special Consideration Scheme please read the below information first and then download the appropriate form and submit to . Applications are taken in the month of February each year.

Special Consideration Applications Information

Application Form A

Application Form B

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BY PUBLIC TRANSPORT Coming from Dublin City Centre: you can either take the Luas line (which leaves from the top of Grafton Street on Dublin’s Southside of the City). Take the Luas to Milltown, as you leave the station turn right and immediately left up Temple Road, as you reach the top of Temple Road you will see a small turn to your right. This is the side entrance to Trinity Hall (white gates at the end – key access required). If the white gate is locked you will need to keep coming around the corner to the main entrance (otherwise you may be able to get in the white gates behind a resident as they enter). The short walk from the Luas through Dublin’s exclusive residential districts of Dartry is less than 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can take the 140 bus. Most bus drivers know Trinity Hall at this stage. The nearest stop for the 140 is at Palmerstown Park – beside Trinity Hall. This is the Terminus for the 140. Coming from the Airport: You can either take a taxi directly to Trinity Hall – our address is Dartry Road, Upper Rathmines. The approx cost of a taxi is €40.00. There is no direct bus from the airport to Trinity Hall. On arrival at the airport, there is a selection of buses available to take you into the city (i.e. 747, 748), most of these leave from the left-hand side of the doors on the arrivals level ramp, the journey can take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the traffic, and the number of stops the bus has to make along the way. The frequency of buses is about every 15 minutes, cost approx €5.00 one way, ask the driver to let you off at O’Connell Street. Alternatively, you could take the privately owned ‘AIRCOACH’ bus directly to the City Centre. This bus departs from outside the carpark – you will need to walk through the carpark building which is in front of you as you exit through the arrival doors the costs is €7.00 one way or €12.00 return depart every 20 minutes and 10 at peak times. This bus stops less frequently. Ask the driver to let you off at O’Connell Street. The bus will stop outside the Gresham Hotel. When you are on O’Connell St, you can catch the 140 bus which will drop you off right outside Trinity Hall. Stay on the same side of the road, but you will need to walk a few hundred meters towards the Spire on O’ Connell Street, you should pass two bus stops before you reach the correct one, bus stop number 6059. When you see the bus approaching, you will need to stick out your hand to let the bus driver know that you want him to stop. Bus stop signs will also have the bus numbers printed on them so you can check if you are at the right stop. This journey will take 20 – 30 minutes depending on traffic and will cost €1.80. You will be getting off at the very last stop (Palmerstown Park). Cross the road and you will be on Dartry Road, Trinity Hall is located on the left-hand side of the road, roughly 100 meters from the bus stop.

BY CAR From the North (M1/N1) Follow the signs to exit Dublin airport, at the roundabout take the 2nd exit (signposted Dublin), to join the M1 motorway – this is the MI R132 junction. At the junction 3 on the M1 branch left (signposted M50 Southbound) at this roundabout take the 3rd exit. Continue along the M50 – you will then pass through the free flow toll bridge (€3 payment due in arrears at selected stores!). Continue to junction 11 (Tallaght) at this junction take the slip road left off the M50, following the signs for city centre/Dublin – you will then join the N81 dual carriageway. Continue straight until you come to a roundabout (the Spawell roundabout) go straight through this, keeping straight at the next set of lights through Templeogue village you will arrive at Terenure village, at the traffic lights stay in the right hand lane and go straight through the lights heading down Terenure Road East. Keep going straight along this road until you come to Rathgar village, at the traffic lights stay in the right hand lane – once you have gone through the lights, there is a Church in front of you – take the fork to the right of the church – you are now on Highfield Road – keep driving down this road until you come to the traffic lights. At these take the right-hand turn and Trinity Hall is immediately on your left- drive straight through the gates to the glass reception area in front of you. From Routes N2, N3, N4/M4, N7/M7 the easiest route to Trinity Hall is onto the M50, following the directions as above. From Route N81 you continue straight following the directions as from the Tallaght Junction. From South (M11/N11) At Donnybrook at the end of the dual carriageway (RC Church on the right) turn second left past the Bus Station on the left, Eglinton Road; continue through the next traffic lights, Milltown Road and stay on this passing under the nine arch bridge, past the Dropping Well pub through two sets of traffic lights and Trinity Hall is the block on the right.

Trinity Hall RSA staff (Security) are currently located at the main reception area. They may be contacted 24 hours a day by dropping in or simply calling 01 8968024. Dial 16 from an internal extension.

The Warden’s Office is located on the first floor of Oldham House. Anyone wishing to make an appointment to talk with the Warden should request to do so through the Accommodation Office located in the main reception area or by email at

The Registrar of Chambers is an annual officer appointed by the Provost to allocate rooms on his behalf. Room allocations take place in the period after applications are closed. The Registrar of Chambers, along with the Warden of Trinity Hall, lead the process for the review of applications made by students seeking special consideration for their request for rooms. Thereafter, rooms on campus and at other locations, except Trinity Hall are viewed by the Register of Chambers. Normally, such rooms are only allocated to rising final year students, with a limited allocation for graduate students. There are quotas of rooms set aside for scholars, international students, schemes in support of the Irish Language, DUCAC and the CSC. Thereafter priority is normally given to international students, those who have not lived on campus previously and those who make a significant contribution to College and/or the wider community. After the first round of offers, allocations are made on the basis of random selection to rising final year students.