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Update from Director of Human Resources to staff

24 January 2022

Dear Colleagues,

Following the significant easing of Covid-19 public health restrictions announced last week, we are now planning our return to campus for those of us who have been working from home.  The move back to campus will be planned during the month of February, and the phased return will start during March.

The University has embraced the concept of flexible working arrangements and a Blended Working Policy has been approved by Board.  This policy will be officially launched on Monday January 31st.  A number of information sessions, explaining the policy and how it will work, are currently being arranged and will start to be rolled out from next week.  Dates and times of these information sessions will be publicised later this week. 

While many restrictions have been lifted, Covid is still with us and your safety continues to be our priority.  Everyone has a role to play in ensuring our community remains safe.  Mask-wearing will continue to be required in all the areas where this was mandatory in Semester 1. The University has FFP2 masks on order for those who have been advised to wear them, as mentioned in the Covid-19 weekly email on 21 January.

As everyone prepares for return to campus, your patience and understanding will be appreciated by your colleagues across the University while we all work together to finalise arrangements. 

Antoinette Quinn  Director of Human Resources