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Update from Medical Director and the College Health Team to students and staff

19 April 2021

Dear Students and Staff,

The College Health Service has completed the administration of Covid-19 vaccines to our older patients.

Our over 60s are currently registering for vaccination.

We are now delighted to offer on-campus vaccination to the next groups in the Vaccine Priority Allocation list.

The HSE have now asked us to identify students or staff who are under the age of 60 and who fulfil the criteria for Group 4a or Group 7 in the Covid-19 Vaccine Allocation Plan.

I would ask you to examine the Clinical criteria below to assess whether or not you have a medical condition that places you in Category 4a or Category 7.

Cohort 4 Age 18-59

  • Patients with Diabetes with HbA1c>58mmol in last 12 months 
  • Patients with Obesity – BMI >40 
  • Patients with Chronic Respiratory Disease – on home oxygen or hospitalized in past 12 months
  • Mental Health Services to identify and vaccinate patients with severe mental health illness.

Cohort 7 Aged 18-59 

  • Diabetes – all other patients with diabetes Type 1 and 2 
  • Patients with Obesity – BMI>35 
  • Patients with Chronic Respiratory Disease includes severe asthma
  • Patients with moderately severe COPD 
  • Patients with Chronic Heart (and vascular) Disease – patients on medication/treatment for heart failure or on hypertensive medication, diagnosis of peripheral vascular disease or history of vascular surgery  
  • Immunocompromised Patients.
  • Patients with Cancers who are not already vaccinated
  • Patients with Chronic Kidney / Liver / Neurological Disease who are not already vaccinated.

Should you have a medical condition that means that you can be allocated to one of these groups we would like you to complete this form.

We expect to hear from the HSE this week regarding our delivery of Pfizer/Moderna vaccine for these groups and will contact you with an appointment.
Should you require clarification, please email our dedicated Covid-19 vaccine email address:

I would also ask you to email any evidence of your condition to

We are looking forward to commencing on-campus vaccination shortly and would ask you to continue to check your emails as, although you may not fulfil the criteria for groups 4a and 7, we will continue to work our way through the Vaccine Priority Groups until everyone is offered a Vaccine.

Best wishes,


Dr David McGrath and the College Health Team

Medical Director
College Health Service
Trinity College