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Update from Senior Lecturer to staff and students

16 February 2021

Dear staff/students, 

In my email yesterday I mistakenly indicated that no mitigation measures at all would be in place for the second semester assessments. This is not the case. I would like to confirm that, as per previous communications, re-sits of passed modules will be possible for second semester as well as for first semester assessments for Sophister students. As stated previously: 

Right to apply for re-sits: Students in the Sophister years, in exams that count towards the final degree award only, may apply to re-sit assessments from either the first or second semester, even if they have achieved a passing mark in the module. Such applications can only be made following the Semester Two exams and the release of module and overall degree grades to students, following consultation with your Tutor and the head of your discipline or course coordinator. Re-sits will be scheduled in the reassessment session in August and students will be awarded the higher grade achieved. 

Apologies for the confusion and for any stress caused,  

Dr Kevin Mitchell
Senior Lecturer/Dean of Undergraduate Studies