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Update from College Secretary and Director, College Health Service to staff and students

30 January 2020

Dear Students/Colleagues

We refer to our email of 27 January, see copy below.  The Trinity working group set up to monitor the situation regarding a potential outbreak of Novel Coronavirus in Ireland met again yesterday and decided that this further update should be circulated based on new information from 1. the Irish Government Health Authorities and 2. Irish Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

As you will be aware, there is currently an outbreak of Novel Coronavirus disease in China. There have been no cases in Ireland to date.  For the benefit of our Chinese students, there is a translation of this communication into Chinese at the end of this email.  [为方便中国学生阅读,邮件后将会有全文翻译]

  1. Update from Irish Government Health Authorities

Advice for students returning to Ireland

If the person has not come from Wuhan, Hubei province, or has not been in contact with a
person with novel coronavirus, or has not attended a healthcare facility where patients with
novel coronavirus are being treated, then no specific measures are needed.

No symptoms

For a person with no symptoms, there is no need for quarantine (keeping a well person
separate from others) for up to 2 weeks after coming to Ireland. There are no restrictions
regarding work or other activities.

If within the last 14 days, you have come to Ireland from Wuhan OR have been in contact
with a person diagnosed with novel coronavirus OR have attended a healthcare facility
where patients with novel coronavirus are being treated, you are asked to make contact
with your local Department of Public Health by phone on 01 6352145 for further advice.

Has symptoms

If any symptoms develop suggestive of acute respiratory illness, during or up to 14 days
after travel from Wuhan, Hubei province you should:
· stay at home and do not go to college.
· Seek medical attention and share your travel history with your health care provider.
Phone the doctor in advance rather than attending in person.

Phone your GP or the student health centre, rather than turning up in person. The phone number for the College Health Service is 01 8968555.

Make sure that, when you phone, you mention your recent travel. The student health centre will
arrange for you to get medical help.

How to protect yourself from novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV

1. Wash your hands often with soap and water.
2. If you are coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. Throw the used tissue away into a closed bin, and wash your hands. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your flexed (bent) elbow.
3. Avoid close contact with anyone who you know has cold or flu symptoms.
4. Check the travel advisories from the Department of Foreign Affairs prior to arranging travel abroad.
The link to the complete guidance issued by the HSE’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre is here:
This is the link to the HPSC web site relating to Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Update from Irish Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade advice on its website is as follows:
“Security status We advise you to Avoid Non Essential Travel to China.”
This is the link to the Latest Travel Alert in relation to China on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s website:
On that basis, Trinity would not recommend that any students or staff travel to China until further notice and that any travel to China which is being planned would not go ahead at this time.

  1. Trinity College Advisory 

As regards Trinity staff or students who are in China at present, Trinity recommends that those staff or students return to Ireland, subject to any travel restrictions which may be in place in China.  If any staff member is unable to return to Ireland they should contact their line manager.  If any student is unable to return to Ireland or has queries about issues on their return they should contact their personal Tutor or the Senior Tutor's Office on 353-1-8962551 or

As the situation is evolving we advise Trinity staff and students in China to check their emails very frequently each day.

Kind regards

John Coman, Secretary to the College
Dr David McGrath, Director, College Health Service




1. 爱尔兰政府卫生部门更新




如在过去的14天内,从武汉入境爱尔兰,或者与新型冠状病毒确诊患者接触过,或曾曾到访过治疗新型冠状病毒患者治疗的医疗机构,须拨打电话01 6352145与当地的公共卫生部门联系,以获取进一步建议。



  • 待在家里,不要去学校。
  • 就医,并告知医疗服务人员其旅行史。请在去医院就诊前,先给医生打电话。

请致电您的家庭医生或学生健康中心,而不是直接就医。大学健康服务的电话号码是01 8968555



  1. 常用肥皂和水洗手。
  2. 咳嗽或者打喷嚏的时候用纸巾掩住口鼻,随后将用过的纸巾扔入闭口垃圾箱,并清洗双手。如您没有纸巾,在咳嗽或打喷嚏时用屈曲(弯曲)的手肘遮挡。
  3. 避免与任何出现感冒或流感症状的人密切接触。
  4. 在出国旅行前参阅外交部门的旅行建议。



2. 爱尔兰外交与贸易部门更新

3. 圣三一大学的建议 



John Coman, 校长助理
Dr David McGrath, 校园卫生服务主管