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Joint Honours German


Study Abroad

The Joint Honours Degree allows students to combine two subjects up to degree level in each. With its balance between breadth and specialization, Joint Honours German is a very popular and successful TCD degree.

At entry, German must be combined with one other subject. Please see available combinations here:
In later years, you will be able to select additional subjects and electives and will have the option to graduate with German as a Single Honours degree, a Joint Honours degree with another subject or a Major with Minor.

If you have an interest in German and want to develop a deeper understanding of the countries where the language is spoken, their literature, culture, history, society and mentality, Joint Honours German is for you.

Beginner or not, this course aims to develop an advanced proficiency in spoken and written German and an advanced understanding of modern German culture and its historical roots, by providing students with the opportunity to acquire

  • a high degree of oral and written proficiency in all its registers, via an integrated and systematically advancing sequence of language modules over the various years of the programme
  • a lively knowledge of critical approaches to German literature, culture and film
  • a basic theoretical and historical knowledge of the German language
  • an informed understanding of the culture, history, political, social and economic structures of German-speaking countries today.

Joint Honours German combines study of German with that of another subject over a four-year period. For the range of possible combinations and general information about the Joint Honors programme, see here:

For entry requirements, application procedures and other general College admissions information, please contact the Admissions Office.