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Which courses at TCD include German?

There  is a considerable variety: In all our undergraduate programmes, a structured language programme helps you develop your written and spoken German to an advanced level. In the first year, you will also get an overview of modern Germany - its society, politics, culture and recent history. Beyond that, each programme below offers a different emphasis and opportunities to explore your special interests in depth.

  • Joint Honors: German and another subject from a very wide range: e.g. Classical Civilization, Geography, Economics, English, French, History, Irish, Music, Philosophy or Modern Languages. The German course studies the development of German culture and ideas, and a wide choice of options in literature and society from the middle ages to the absolutely contemporary.
  • European Studies: German is studied as one of two languages, together with modern European history, political science and sociology.
  • Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures
  • Computer Studies, Linguistics and German: The three subjects you study all address questions of how information is processed and communicated. The skills you develop in analysing these processes benefit your understanding and abilities in all three areas.
  • Business Studies and German: With a focus on the particular language and cultural skills you will need to succeed in a German and international business context
  • Law and German: The Law element is sufficiently specialised to meet entry requirements for postgraduate legal training.