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Which courses at TCD include German?

There  is a considerable variety: In all our undergraduate programmes, a structured language programme helps you develop your written and spoken German to an advanced level. In the first year, you will also get an overview of modern Germany - its society, politics, culture and recent history. Beyond that, each programme below offers a different emphasis and opportunities to explore your special interests in depth.

  • Joint Honours: German and another subject from a very wide range: e.g. Classical Civilization, Geography, Economics, English, French, History, Irish, Music, Philosophy or Modern Languages. The German course studies the development of German culture and ideas, and a wide choice of options in literature and society from the middle ages to the absolutely contemporary.
  • European Studies: German is studied as one of two languages, together with modern European history, political science and sociology.
  • Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures
  • Business Studies and German: With a focus on the particular language and cultural skills you will need to succeed in a German and international business context
  • Law and German: The Law element is sufficiently specialised to meet entry requirements for postgraduate legal training.