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Credit: By Ayoubelouadi (Own work) (CC BY-SA 4.0), via Wikimedia Commons

Geography matters! We have a strong tradition of high-quality research in Geography, as demonstrated by our successful participation in many internationally- and nationally-funded collaborative research projects and by our strong publication record.

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Geography at Trinity College Dublin delivers insights that help us know and understand a dynamic and rapidly changing world. It is a place of intensive and extensive geographical scholarship in Ireland. We teach and research across the discipline from development theory to coastal modelling, and from climate change to the workings of the social economy and we aim to challenge students intellectually, to foster and maintain world-class research and teaching in a supportive and collegial atmosphere. Geography is unique in offering a way of thinking about complex human-environment systems at different scales, from the global to the local, from milliseconds to millennia. It is an integrative subject with an international outlook and openness to interdisciplinary collaboration. It teaches skills and knowledge required by those who make it their ambition to address critical societal challenges. Our research community is organised into the research themes outlined below.

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