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Senior Sophister

1. Languages

Students continue to focus predominantly on their major language, and also study their minor language.

2. Disciplines

2.i Modernity and Society: Ideas and Culture in Europe since 1850

The module explores some of the key ideas and theories that emerged since 1850 in European thought. It introduces students to different conceptions of modernity, to some of the most influential theories of social change, to cultural representations of modern societies and to the traumatic and violent consequences of modern social transformations, such as totalitarianism and genocide. This module also accommodates the independent research (capstone) project students are required to complete during the Senior Sophister year.

2.ii Options

Students must take optional modules to the value of 10 credits from the list below.

Current options include:

  • ECU33061 and ECU33062 Economics of Policy Issues A and Economics of Policy Issues B
  • POU33071 and POU33082 European Union Politics A and European Union Politics B
  • POU44010 Issues in Contemporary Politics
  • POU33091 and POU33102 Political Violence A and Political Violence B
  • POU33111 and POU33122 Public Opinion and Political Participation
  • POU44111 Topics: Political Parties
  • SOU33081 and SOU33092 Globalisation and Development 1 and Globalisation and Development 2
  • SOU33021 and SOU33032 Race, Ethnicity & Identity 1 and Race, Ethnicity and Identity 2
  • SOU33061 and SOU33072 Comparative Sociology of Europe 1 and Comparative Sociology of Europe 2
  • HIU34505 The Dead Body in Western Culture
  • HIU34507 Lying and Deception in Early Modern England
  • HIU34525 The Elizabethan Renaissance
  • HIU34526 Politics of Nature: Environmentalism in the 20th Century
  • HIU34511 Christians and Jews in the Middle Ages
  • HIU34512 Global Crises: Environmental Disasters in World History
  • HIU34514 Food, drink and society in Early Modern Europe
  • HIU34518 Histories of Transylvania
  • HIU34515 Romance before Romanticism: Life, Love and Death in Ancien Régime & Revolutionary France
  • HIU34517 Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe
  • HIU34520 Writing the Enlightenment: Cultural Change in Eighteenth-Century Europe
  • HIU34531 German Empires at War, 1914-1945
  • NMU44041 Holocaust Representations in Film and Literature
  • NMU44051 Islam and Gender
  • NMU44062 The Sick Man of Europe? State and Society in the Late Ottoman Empire
  • NMU4407V History of Disaster and Disease in the Middle East
  • NMU44141 Europe, the Middle East and America
  • NMU22032 Islam in Europe
  • NMU22021 Jews in European Society from 1750
  • NMU44122 Great Jewish Books: Identity, Culture and Society
  • ITU34011 Italian Cinema: 1900-2018
  • ITU34032 Introduction to Second Language Teaching and Learning
  • ITU34052 Writers and Cinema in 20th Century Italy
  • GRU4405Y Kunst nach Auschwitz
  • RUU33011 Russian Cultural Studies 3 MT
  • RUU33012 Russian Cultural Studies 3 HT
  • RUU34121 Translating Russian: theory and practice
  • RUU34111 Textual analysis
  • RUU34062 Translating Russian Literature
  • RUU34082 Tolstoy
  • RUU34101 Dostoevsky
  • RUU3405Y Stalinism and Society in Eastern Europe 
  • FRU34011 French Cinema
  • FRU34031 Enlightenment Fiction
  • FRU34141 Le monde est mon langage: Francophone Literatures in the Modern World
  • FRU34151 New boundaries of French identity: expression, transmission and the notion of the third space
  • FRU44072 France from Versailles to Vichy: The rise and fall of the Third Republic, 1919-1945 
  • FRU34162 French Travel and Exploration
  • FRU34092 The Enlightenment and the Origins of Humanity 
  • FRU34132 Language and Society in Multilingual Francophonie