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Senior Sophister

1. Languages

Students continue to focus predominantly on their major language, and also study their minor language.

2. Disciplines

2.i Modernity and Society: Ideas and Culture in Europe since 1850

The module explores some of the key ideas and theories that emerged since 1850 in European thought. It introduces students to different conceptions of modernity, to some of the most influential theories of social change, to cultural representations of modern societies and to the traumatic and violent consequences of modern social transformations, such as totalitarianism and genocide. This module also accommodates the independent research (capstone) project students are required to complete during the Senior Sophister year.

2.ii Options

Students must take one option from List 1 or options to the value of 20 credits from List 2.

Current options include:

List 1

  • HI4394 Germany from Revolution to Dictatorship, 1918- 1939
  • HI4395 The Secret Police in Communist Europe, 1917- 1989
  • HI4390 Resource use and protecting nature in the Modern Age
  • HI4389 Medieval marriage

List 2

  • EC3160 Economics of Policy Issues A AND EC3161 Economic of Policy Issues B
  • FR4037 Counter-revolution, extreme right(s) and fascism in French culture and politics, 1870-1945
  • FR4048 French Cinema: Representing Experience
  • FR4043 Language and Society in the French-speaking world
  • FR4064 Le monde est mon langage: Francophone Literatures in the Modern World
  • GR4027 Perspectives on new economy capitalism in contemporary German-language literature and film
  • GR4074 German, Austrian and Swiss Post/Colonial Studies
  • GR4076 Wolves and Politics in German Culture
  • GR4068 Kunst nach Auschwitz
  • HI4313 Romance before Romanticism: Life, Love and Death in Ancien Régime and Revolutionary France
  • “Writing the Unwritten”: Intellectual commitment in Twentieth-Century
  • HI4338 Medieval Globetrotters: Exploration and World Conquest in the Age of the Black Death
  • HI4339 Gender and Sexuality in Early Modern Europe
  • HI4315 Germany and Italy in the Era of the First World War, 1911-23
  • HI4355 Soviet Environmental History
  • HI4356 Writing the Enlightenment: Cultural Change in Eighteenth-Century Europe
  • HI4361 Atlantic Island: Eighteenth-Century Ireland in Oceanic Perspective
  • HI4364 Worlds of Dissent: Dissidents & Resistance in Communist Europe
  • HI4365 The Dead Body in Western Culture
  • HI4369 Childhood in Modern Global History
  • HI4370 Christians and Jews in the Middle Ages
  • IT3413 Italian Cinema: 1900-2018
  • IT3418 Gendered Narratives in 20th Century Italian Literature
  • IT3412 Posthumanism in Contemporary Literature
  • NM4003 Holocaust Representation in Film and Literature
  • NM4004 Islam and Gender
  • PO3180 European Union Politics A AND PO3181 European Union Politics B
  • PO4701 Contemporary International Relations (The prerequisites for PO4701 Contemporary International Relations are PO2140 and PO2141 International Relations.)
  • PO4691 Issues in Contemporary Politics
  • RUS107 Russian Productive Skills 2 OR RUS471 Russian Press/Media OR RUS523 Chekhov OR RUS409 Russian Cultural Studies 3 (HT)
  • RUS802 Stalinism and Society in Eastern Europe SO3130 Globalisation and Development 1 AND SO3131 Globalisation and Development 2
  • SO3130 Globalisation and Development 1 AND SO3131 Globalisation and Development 2
  • SO3150 Race, Ethnicity and Identity 1 AND Race, Ethnicity and Identity 2
  • SO3170 Social Stratification and Inequalities 1 AND SO3171 Social Stratification and Inequalities 2
  • SO3180 Comparative Sociology of Europe 1 AND SO3181 Comparative Sociology of Europe 2
  • SP4055 The Spain of the Three Cultures
  • SP4058 Literature, Cinema, and Metamorphosis