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University Council Papers

University Council Papers


Please find the Council Attendance on the Secretary's Office website

The current membership is:

Ex Officio Members

The Provost - Dr Patrick J. Prendergast, Chair

The Vice-Provost - Professor Linda Hogan

The Registrar - Professor Shane P.A. Allwright

The Senior Lecturer - Professor Gillian S. Martin, Secretary

The Senior Tutor - Professor Claire Laudet

The Dean of Graduate Studies - Professor Aideen Long

The Dean of Research - Professor John Boland

Representatives of the Faculties

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Darryl Jones, Dean

Professor Daniel Faas

Professor Christopher Morash

Professor Anne Holohan

Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences

Professor Vinny Cahill Dean

Professor Rozenn Dahyot

Professor Ian Donohue

Professor Graeme William Watson

Professor Jeremy Jones

Health Sciences

Professor Mary McCarron Dean

Professor Mary Clarke

Professor Catherine Comiskey

Professor Patricia Cronin

Professor James P. Spiers

Research Staff 2014-2016 (1)

Dr Shaun Bloomfield

Representatives of the Senate (2)

Ms Simone Cameron-Coen (2015-2017)

Professor Deborah Kelleher (2014-2016)

Representatives of the Students

Students' Union

Education Officer of the Students' Union Ms Molly Kenny

One undergraduate student from each Faculty:

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Ms Patricia O'Beirne

Engineering, Mathematics and Sciences Mr James Bryant

Health Sciences Mr Dale Whelehan

Graduate Students' Union

Vice-President of the Graduate Students' Union Dr Gianna Hegarty

One other postgraduate student from one of the

Faculties of which the Vice-President is not a member [TBC]

Co-opted members (2)

Professor Juliette Hussey

Professor Kevin O'Kelly


Secretary to the Scholars Ms Amy Worrall

Graduate Students' Union [TBC]

In attendance

Chief Operating Officer Ms Geraldine Ruane

Secretary to the College Mr John Coman

Librarian Ms Helen Shenton

Academic Secretary Ms Patricia Callaghan
Ms Sorcha De Brunner




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