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Undergraduate Studies Overview

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About the roots of Western culture and in the interaction of biblical monotheisms with world views since Antiquity?

About assessing ethical arguments on technological developments such as genetic engineering?

Would you like to study one of the most relevant Humanities subjects in a time of globalisation?


In this Department, you can take a degree in World Religions and Theology, either as an independent course (Single Honors) or together with another Arts subject (Two Subject Moderatorship - TSM).  The degree offered is an Arts and Humanities degree and our setting is non-denominational.

The course offers links to many other disciplines, such as history, philosophy, psychology, languages and social sciences.  You will gain competences and skills relevant for any profession you may choose:  articulacy, conceptual, analytic and interpretive precision, imagination and critically informed thinking about religious and cultural encounters over three millennia.

In taking this arts degree you will engage in broad introductions as well as in-depth analyses of religious traditions and of the approaches used to examine them.  You will get to know the contributions of different disciplines including archaeology, literature, art and music.

Our graduates go on to multiple career paths here in Ireland and throughout the world.

Graduate careers

Would you like to see our presentation to visiting school leavers at the Trinity College ‘Open Day’ last year?  Download Open Day (ppt 4.4 MB) presentation.

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