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Selected Books by Seán Freyne


Galilee From Alexander the Great to Hadrian 323 B.C.E. To 135 C.E.: A Study of Second Temple Judaism (Wilmington, DE: Michael Glazier, 1980)
Galilee, Jesus and the Gospels: Literary Approaches and Historical Investigations (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1988)
Galilee and Gospel: Collected Essays (WUNT 125) (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2000)
Texts, Contexts and Cultures: Essays on Biblical Topics (Dublin: Veritas, 2002)
Jesus, a Jewish Galilean (London: T&T Clark, 2004) (trans. into Spanish and Italian)

He co-edited Concilium issues on the following themes: with W. Beuken/A. Weiler, The Bible and its Readers (1991) and Messianism Through History (1993); with W. Beuken, The Bible as Cultural Heritage (1995); with C. Duquoc, Pilgrimages (1996); with N. Lash, Is the World Ending? (1998); with E. van der Wolde, The Many Voices of the Bible (2002).

With E. McDonagh / D. Dorr, he co-edited, Faith and the Hungry Grass: A Mayo Book of Theology (Dublin: Columba, repr. 2012).

Two Festschriften were edited in his honour:
Recognising the Margins: Developments in Biblical and Theological Studies (Dublin: Columba, 2006), ed. by W. Jeanrond / A.D.H. Mayes
A Wandering Galilean: Essays in Honour of Seán Freyne (Supplements to the Journal for the Study of Judaism) (Leiden: Brill, 2009), ed. by Z. Rodgers / M. Daly-Denton / A. Fitzpatrick McKinley.

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