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Founded in 1980 by J. M. D. Coey, we are the most active magnetism research group in Ireland. The first M.Sc. (Yu Boliang) graduated in 1982 and the first Ph.D.(Adrian Meagher) in 1984. Since then, 64 postgraduates have prepared M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses in the Magnetism and Spin Electronics Group (aka Group D) and research training has been provided for many undergraduate students from Ireland and other countries.The group has also hosted 50 postdoctoral fellows and visiting professors from all over the world and numerous short-term visitors.

Magnetism is a 2000 year-old science which is undergoing a renaissance. It underpins dramatic advances in information technology and electromagnetic engineering. Magnetism also provides systems for fundamental studies of phase transitions, random disorder and physics in low dimensions. There are fascinating and ill-explained effects of magnetic fields in chemistry and biology. This new advanced textbook has it all - it covers physical concepts, experimental methods, materials and applications.

Our research activities include:


  • Discovery of 'Nitromag' (Sm2Fe17N3), a new nitrogen-containing permanent magnet now being produced commercially in Japan(1990).
  • Development of novel permanent-magnet instrumentation, which led to the foundation of Magnetic Solutions, Ltd. in 1994 (1990 - ).
  • Research on half-metal for spin electronics; leading to discovery of powder magnetoresistance (1997), observation of a record 500 % room-temperature magnetoresistance in a point contact (2000), and fabrication of the first zero-moment half-metal Mn2Ru0.5Ga (2013).
  • First fabrication in Europe of MgO-barrier magnetic tunnel junctions with tunnel magnetoresistance > 200% (2006) and the development of novel MTJ sensors (2008-2013)
  • Elucidation of unexpected effects of magnetic fields in nucleation (magnetic water treatment, 1997, 2012) and electrodeposition (1998 - ).
  • Pioneering work on magnetism of dilute magnetic oxides and d-zero magnetic systems (2004 - ).
  • Development of new methods to extend the scope of Mossbauer spectrscopy and Andreev reflection.