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X-Ray Diffractometer


We use a Bruker X-Ray Diffractometer for precise determination of crystal structure

Bruker D8 Discovery X-Ray Diffractometer

Technical Specifications:
  • Primary optics: single bounce Goebel mirror, double bounce Ge (220) asymmetric channel cut crystal, or Goebel mirror only (w/ automatic attenuator).
  • Secondary optics: Standard point detector with automatic anti scatter slits or a 1D LynxEye detector allowing for fast 2theta scans.
  • Typical applications: X-ray reflectivity, Reciprocal space maps (RSM), powder scans
  • Software: EVA, TOPAS, LEPTOS.

Contact for our XRD System

  • Dr. Karsten Fleischer
    CRANN, 2.25
    Phone: +353 (0) 896 3649